The female star of the photo history, clearly is all history!

The female star of the photo history, clearly is all history! The recent film conference also constantly, constantly, while the female star, photo is like a invisible contest, everyone in the yen value about the case, perhaps a careful machine, can make you yanyaqunfang". Photo: a scheming white skin is benevolent skin white female star is almost everywhere, like colorful pressure who Yan who pressure. Do you think a lot when you feel a female star can become a photo killer, the most important reason is her white! Gianna Jun & two pictures of the goddess of Lin Chiling, the light of the direction of the light, the light of the back of the, so that the…… There are similar examples of Li Xiaoran, although it looks bigger, but the group did not lose a little side of the side of the Tang Wei. At this level of skin white, Li Xiaoran has undoubtedly reached the top of the entertainment whitening food chain! It is said that Li Xiaoran’s skin is white as a fluorescent lamp, who can not take advantage of her photo. With such a terrible haircut, Liu Tao and Ma Su next to the second round, even if it is a goddess, because the color is slightly darker, the whole seems to be less than a few points. Li Xiaoran wedding photo that moment and the bridesmaids, the crowd is her most white! Photo two: all girls and girls play face showing no traces of photo, most concerned about is the relationship between big and small face! First look at Ruby Lin and Liu Tao’s demonstration, put some small hand movements in the face around, full of girls, but also the way to cover the face, can shoot two hawks with one arrow! Tang Yan nod my lips, chin and the tip of the moment! It can be hard to damage some upward side of fairy sister Liu Yifei. Look at the photo of Zhao Liying in "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" conference and Yang Zi, Zhao Liying and Yang Zida nodded slightly side, face to face the camera… Results after the conference, everybody says Yang Zi not only face the bulk of greater self timer photo shoot only… Half face, is also one of the most important skills of photo, please see Yang Mi’s personal demonstration. The large power power and a more exclusive "high grade" tips: hair block! And it’s not my hair, but someone else’s hair! Taylor will also help! Face a little bit side, the use of small partners to cover a part of the face of the hair. When you close and buddy can also learn! Face action is very loving, with her hair can help decrescent, couldn’t be smart! Photo three: all manners are very important female stars to attend the conference activities, photo bearing also directly determines the photos show the effect of the. Like Zhi Ling sister to stand up straight, chest, looked up, not in front of the whole stretch the neck, people keep a spirit, will become more and more beautiful, always caught will not collapse. In this photo, Liu Shishi is clearly better manners, so it is more elegant and dignified temperament, in contrast, the large power power look not so spirit. Janine Chang and Karena Lam look at the show when the group photo, Karena Lam oblique shoulder chest, the state of the two people are really different. Photo four: all lip color is make you a good helper in addition to the skin white, small face, the beauty of appearance, finally winning magic is makeup styling. Important occasions, makeup will be more than usually a bit stronger, but compared to the need to spend 1-2 hours!相关的主题文章: