The first snowstorm in Liaoning in the first year of the snowstorm 8l9840

Liaoning welcome the year of the monkey first heavy snowfall in some areas falling Blizzard Beijing Beijing in February 13 Shenyang Xinhua (Gong Xuyu Zhai Rui) the last day of the Spring Festival Golden Week holiday, Liaoning ushered in the first year of heavy snowfall. Affected by cold air, temperatures in most parts of the territory, a decrease of 10 to 14 degrees, the minimum temperature dropped to minus 22 degrees celsius. On the same day, Liaoning heavy snow, Benxi, Dandong and other regions is reached Blizzard level. According to the traffic department of Liaoning Province, Liaoning in most highway because of snow in a closed or restricted state, most of the road passenger transport outage, the coastal direction between passenger ship suspended. The reporter saw in the capital city of Shenyang City Road, snow vehicle brings huge obstacles, in addition to the rain the day before the ice on the road, the road is more worrying. Local taxi driver Zhang said: "now the road is particularly slippery, the car basically can not open, I have been driving for several hours, only opened thirty kilometers."." At present, it is in the peak stage of the Spring Festival transportation, because the road traffic is blocked, the railway transportation pressure increases. Shenyang Railway Bureau said in a news release that day afternoon, affected by strong winds and heavy snow weather, to ensure the safe operation of trains, Dan rapid railway, high-speed rail Dalian North Railway Station to Liaoyang Railway Station to take measures between running speed, affected by this part of the train running late. From Sheyang Taoxian Airport and Dalian international airport information display, the two airport is normal, but there are some flight delays because of rain and snow weather. According to the meteorological department forecast that this round of rainfall will continue until 14, but the weather cleared after the temperature does not rise, Liaoning will usher in a cold Valentine’s day. (end)

辽宁迎猴年首场强降雪 部分地区降暴雪-中新网   中新网沈阳2月13日电 (宫旭 禹瑞斋)春节黄金周假期的最后一天,辽宁迎来了猴年首场强降雪。受冷空气影响,境内大部分地区气温骤降,下降幅度达10到14℃,最低气温降至零下22℃。   当日,辽宁境内普降大雪,其中本溪、丹东等地区更是达到了暴雪级别。据辽宁省交通厅消息,辽宁境内大部分高速公路因降雪处于封闭或限行状态,道路客运多数停运,沿海各方向往来客船停航。   记者在省会城市沈阳的市区道路上看到,积雪给车辆行驶带来很大阻碍,加之前一日的降雨使路面结冰,路况更加令人堪忧。当地出租车司机张先生说:“现在的路特别滑,车基本都开不动,我出车好几个小时了,才开了三十公里。”   目前正处于春运返程高峰阶段,由于道路交通受阻,铁路运输压力因而加大。沈阳铁路局当日午后发布消息称,受大风和暴雪天气影响,为确保列车运行安全,丹大快速铁路、哈大高铁大连北站至辽阳站间采取限速运行措施,受此影响部分列车晚点运行。   来自沈阳桃仙机场和大连周水子国际机场的信息显示,目前两个机场起降情况正常,但是有部分航班因雨雪天气延误。   据气象部门预报,此轮降水将持续到14日,但是天气放晴之后气温并不会有所回升,辽宁将迎来一个寒冷的情人节。(完)相关的主题文章: