The golden red satin gloss netted comparable found in Jinhua Anoectochilus

The golden red satin gloss netted Jinhua found comparable to Anoectochilus community 10 22 April, is the occupation training field Jinhua Technical College of traditional Chinese medicine professional teachers and students in Jinhua Yang Xiang Ruo northwest mountains found somewhere precious wild Anoectochilus community. Peer Kim Vocational College Medical College Alumni, Quzhou Institute for Drug Control Institute Vice President Song Jianfeng said that in the 40 years of professional experience in the field of herbs, first met. Autumn, the weather becoming cooler, braved the autumn rain, Jin Zhiyuan Medical College Chinese medicine professional teachers and students through the layers of bamboo, came to a mountain in the northwest of Jinhua Ruo Yang Xiang, in the collection process, discovered a rare wild plant communities, the number of about 10 lines. Site identified by the plant communities of wild Anoectochilus, the Department of state three protected wild plants, there are manual, gold grass, bird ginseng title, wild Anoectochilus is endangered medicinal plant treasure. Its dark green leaves, leaves back pale purple red, with red and gold silk with beautiful shiny textured, which attracted students smelled amazing, many students said that before all see the plant in the textbook, can find themselves in the wild Anoectochilus, as rare. The company said Song Jianfeng, Fujian, Guangdong Anoectochilus origin, is rare in our province. Can be found in the wild Anoectochilus mountains of Jinhua, in the 40 years of professional experience in the field of herbs for the first time. It is understood that the use of water in Chinese traditional medicine is very extensive, there is heat and cooling blood, dispelling wind and dampness, detoxification, analgesic, antitussive effect. Vice president, director of Jindong District branch of Jinhua Chinese medicine hospital pharmacist Wu Zhongyi, attending hemoptysis, bronchitis, Anoectochilus can nephritis, cystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other incurable diseases in child acute infantile convulsion, to toxic and protecting liver, diabetes, breast cancer and gastric cancer has significant effect. But he also reminded that although already planting artificial Anoectochilus culture, and sought after by the market, but the degree of endangered wild Anoectochilus, still need to increase the protection, "I hope not to collect wild Anoectochilus when we found".

金红色光泽网纹媲美绸缎 金华发现金线莲群落10月22日,正在野外实训的金华职业技术学院医学院中药专业师生在金华箬阳乡西北部某处大山中发现了珍贵的野生金线莲群落。同行的金职院医学院校友、衢州药检院副院长宋剑锋表示,在该专业40余年野外采药经历中,第一次碰到。入秋,天气渐凉,冒着绵绵秋雨,金职院医学院中药专业的师生们翻过层层竹林,来到金华箬阳乡西北部的一座大山,在采集过程中,惊喜地发现了一处珍贵野生植物群落,数量约有10来株。经现场鉴定该片植物群落为野生金线莲,系国家三级保护野生植物,有着药王、金草、鸟人参的称号,野生的金线莲更是濒危珍惜药用植物。金线莲叶片呈深绿色,叶背呈淡紫红色,配以金红色带有绢丝光泽的美丽网纹,这引得师生们发出阵阵惊叹,许多同学表示之前都是在课本上看到这种植物,能亲身在野外发现金线莲的踪迹,相当难得。同行的宋剑锋表示,金线莲原产地广东福建等地,我省并不多见。能在金华山区发现野生金线莲,在该专业40余年野外采药经历中这还是第一次。据了解,金线莲在中医中的使用非常广泛,有清热凉血、祛风利湿、解毒、止痛、镇咳等功效。金华中医院金东区分院副院长、主任中药师吴忠义介绍,金线莲可主治咯血、支气管炎、肾炎、膀胱炎、风湿性关节炎肿瘤等疑难病症,在小孩急惊风、去胎毒、保肝护肝、治疗糖尿病、乳癌、胃癌等方面效果显著。不过他同时提醒,虽然金线莲已经可以人工组培种植,并且受到市场的追捧,但鉴于野生金线莲的濒危程度,仍需加大保护力度,“希望大家发现野生金线莲时不要采集”。相关的主题文章: