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The ID card immediately after missing after the failure to worry about being falsely according to Xinhua news agency to carry out the witness consistency check to the bank staff when it is difficult to distinguish whether the identity card failure and the loss of stolen identities to be fraudulent and other issues, the Ministry of public security vice minister and deputy party Secretary Huang Ming said on the 6, the Ministry of public security has been completed and the failure of resident identity card the information system and on-line test run recently, will be provided to all social credit departments in the bank after the pilot, for the network check and Citizenhood existing information system. Huang Ming visited the Chinese bank Beijing branch outlets, research implement the 8 departments jointly issued the "norms on the identity card management notice", the person in charge of business outlets and staff exchanges and discussions in the people’s Bank of China and relevant departments introduced above. He said that the invalid resident identity card information system has real-time data update and dynamic maintenance function, through social certification departments and units of network verification, to achieve all lost, stolen resident identity card immediately invalid. Huang Ming said that the relevant departments of the Ministry of public security should speed up the system docking services with banks and other certification departments, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of verification work. Create safety norms of the identity card of social credit environment, various departments and units is the key step to enhance the implementation of norms of the system, perform witness consistency check responsibility according to the law, effectively prevent the fraudulent use of identity cards. The failure of the resident identity card information system network in recent years, the Ministry of public security for organizations to carry out rectification, efforts to solve the wrong account ID false problem, in the country to start a comprehensive identity card registration fingerprint work, vigorously promote social credit departments and units to implement the verification responsibility verification network construction identity card information system failure and the citizen the identity information system, the formation of a closed loop service management security identity card registration fingerprint information identity card can effectively prevent unauthorized access, people can at any time to the public security organs shall register the fingerprint information of the identity card fraudulent use of identity blacklisted in the next step, the Ministry of public security will further deepen the social and the linkage mechanism credit department, the establishment of fraudulent use of identity personnel blacklist system, increase the illegal crime prevention against fraudulent use of force The sound of degree, does not perform witnesses consistency verification responsibilities of credit unit accountability, strengthen the protection of citizens’ personal information security once lost for the masses to enhance hastened to report the loss of identity security protection consciousness, once found lost or stolen in the nearest place to declare the loss as soon as possible to apply for a new license, the expiration time to apply for a new card and return to the old effective certificate

身份证报失后即时失效 以后再不用担心被冒用据新华社电 针对银行工作人员开展人证一致性核查时难以辨别身份证是否失效以及丢失被盗身份证容易被冒用等问题,公安部党委副书记、副部长黄明6日表示,公安部已建成失效居民身份证信息系统并于近日上线试运行,将在银行试点后提供给社会各用证部门,与现有的公民身份信息系统进行联网核查。黄明走访了中国银行北京分行营业网点,调研贯彻落实8部门联合发布的《关于规范居民身份证使用管理的公告》情况,在与人民银行有关部门负责人和营业网点工作人员座谈交流时介绍了上述情况。他说,失效居民身份证信息系统具备数据实时更新和动态维护功能,通过社会各用证部门和单位联网核查,实现所有丢失、被盗居民身份证即时失效。黄明说,公安部有关部门要加快与银行等用证部门的系统对接服务工作,提高核查工作效率和准确性。营造安全规范的居民身份证使用环境,社会各用证部门和单位是关键环节,要提升制度规范的执行力,依法履行人证一致性核查责任,有效防止身份证被冒用。失效居民身份证信息系统联网近年来,公安部持续组织开展清理整顿、着力解决户口身份证错重假问题,在全国范围内全面启动居民身份证登记指纹工作,大力推动社会用证部门和单位落实核查责任,建设失效居民身份证信息系统与公民身份信息系统联网核查,形成对居民身份证安全使用的闭环式服务管理登记指纹信息的居民身份证可有效防止被他人冒用,群众可随时到公安机关办理登记指纹信息的居民身份证冒用身份证 列入黑名单下一步,公安部将进一步深化与社会各用证部门的联动机制,建立冒用身份证人员黑名单制度,加大对冒用违法犯罪的防范打击力度,健全对不履行人证一致性核查责任用证单位的责任追究,强化公民个人信息安全保护一旦遗失赶紧挂失补领广大群众要增强身份证安全保护意识,一旦发现丢失、被盗及时就近就地申报挂失并尽快补领新证,有效期满及时换领新证并交回旧证相关的主题文章: