The inquiry iphone7 students look back

Students at iPhone7 inquiry machine from iPhone7 college at the inquiry machine by the phenomenon of "kidney is not good enough, iPhone7 fried to 2 million." In September 16th, with iPhone7 officially on sale in China, Apple fans around the open mode of panic buying. The new machine on sale in less than half a day, the Internet has emerged a large number of users Tucao, said the price of scalpers scoop 20 thousand yuan, there are friends laugh, "kidney is not enough." 10 in the morning on the 17 day of this year, just on the University of Xiaoliao, took advantage of a small holiday is going to start a new mobile phone. In Chengdu taishengnan consecutive three mobile phone shop, one family went into a shop with the apple "logo". The store placed a iPhone5S to iPhone7 various styles of Apple Mobile phone. "I love the bright black." For Xiaoliao inquiries, store sales staff said, at present bright black sale quantity is very few, the store also no sample machine. The salesman said, "if you want to buy bright black, but the price is 24000 yuan." I heard the price, Xiaoliao surprised, immediately pulled out of the store with the parents, "and then go a few black styles are ridiculously expensive."

 询价iPhone7大学生望机却步   现象   询价iPhone7大学生望机却步   “肾都不够用了,iPhone7炒到2万了。”9月16日,随着iPhone7在中国正式发售,各地苹果粉丝开启抢购模式。在新机发售不到半天时间,网上便出现大量网友“吐槽”,称黄牛党把价炒到2万多元,也有网友调侃“肾不够用。”   17日上午10点,今年刚上大学的小廖,趁着小长假打算入手新手机。在成都太升南路连续走了三家手机店后,一家人走进一家印有苹果“标志”的店铺。店内摆放有iPhone5S至iPhone7各种款式的苹果手机。   “我比较喜欢亮黑色的。”对于小廖的询问,店内销售人员称,目前亮黑色发售量很少,店内还没有样品机。   “销售员说,如果要亮黑色也买得到,但价格要24000元。”听闻价格后,小廖惊讶不已,立马拉着父母走出了店,“后来又走了几家,黑色款式的都贵得离谱。”相关的主题文章: