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The main group is Tucao money less tie dead: do this very sorry – WeChat group for the construction of Sohu news happy, did not think of the little red envelopes have become a tragedy. Because the female friends and boyfriend ridiculed in the group red hair is too small, then a knife into a group of female friends and boyfriend about planes, the friends stabbed to death. He appeared in court on suspicion of intentional injury yesterday (pictured). Sue: holding a fruit knife death prosecutor alleged that in July 14, 2015 9 o’clock in the evening, some in Shunyi District Feng Bo Cun a supermarket on the eastern side, trivia with Yang, Kwak (male, who died 25 years old) and a dispute melee. In the meantime, some holding prepared fruit knife with Kwak Kwak left chest, because the upper lobe of the left lung and heart injury induced by hemorrhagic shock and death. The public prosecution believes that the intentional injury to another person’s body and the death of a person, which violates the provisions of the criminal law of our country, should be investigated for the criminal liability for intentional injury. Yesterday morning, the case was heard in the third court of Beijing City, and the victim’s father and wife, as the parties involved in incidental civil action, also attended the trial. Result: in the group a match meet the Department of Chengde City, Hebei Province, was born in 1993 into the interview primary school culture, before the incident was a forklift driver. He said he started using WeChat a few years ago, in addition to the friend to friend, also used the software "nearby" function with many strangers, which is called a "A Wenwan nvwang. A few days before the incident, a built a WeChat group, and the A product Wenwan pulled into the group. As a group, he often chat with everyone in the group, do not send some red envelopes. "Sometimes I do, sometimes they do, and later because I don’t have a lot of money, I’ve had some arguments with them." As one recalls, there is a "A Wenwan" in the group asked for his red hair, he can send packets is relatively small, then the other was ridicule. "She said," I promised to send a big red envelope, but always push today, tomorrow tomorrow. Some people in the group is my friend, she said that I was very uncomfortable, I two in the group will yell up." This "A Wenwan" boyfriend Yang also in the group, he immediately stood out for his girlfriend early, and some continue to yell. "I don’t know the relationship between them, they scolded, I also said, but add that guy friends, but also to call, want to meet to ask a clear."." Tragedy: many people see each other in a trial shot though that he just want to talk with each other, but according to the documented evidence and Yang’s testimony showed that two people had many times in a phone call, a promise to "stab" yang. On the other hand, Yang also worried that after meeting to fight will suffer, called friends, Kwak and white together to keep an appointment". The two sides agreed to meet at the front of a supermarket, and brought a fruit knife with him. "They just met three around us, tear when I pulled out a knife to tie it down one’s arms." In fact, this knife has been put into the chest of kwak. Then a fled the scene, Kwak is a face fell to the ground. Yang and others call urgent camera

群主被吐槽红包钱少扎死人:做这事挺后悔-搜狐新闻   建微信群本为开心,没想到小小的红包竟成了一场惨剧的导火索。因被女网友和其男友奚落在群里发的红包太小,群主成某遂持刀与女网友男友约架,将其同行朋友扎死。因涉嫌故意伤害罪,昨天出庭受审(如图)。   起诉:持水果刀扎人致死   公诉机关指控称,2015年7月14日晚9时许,成某在顺义区后俸伯村一超市东侧,因琐事与杨某、郭某(男,殁年25岁)发生争执并互殴。其间,成某持事先准备的水果刀刺扎郭某左胸部,郭某因伤及左肺上叶和心脏致失血性休克死亡。公诉机关认为,成某故意伤害他人身体,致人死亡,其行为触犯了我国《刑法》规定,应以故意伤害罪追究其刑事责任。   昨天上午,该案在北京市三中院开庭审理,被害人郭某的父亲、妻子作为附带民事诉讼的当事人也出席了庭审。   事因:群里对骂相约面谈   1993年出生的成某系河北省承德市人,小学文化,案发前是一名铲车司机。他说自己几年前开始使用微信,除了把认识的朋友都加为好友外,还用软件自带“附近的人”功能加了许多陌生人,这其中就有一个叫做“A品文玩”的女网友。   案发前几天,成某建立了一个微信群,并将“A品文玩”拉进群里。作为群主,他经常在群里与大家聊天,并不时发一些红包。“有时我发,有时候他们也发,后来因为我的红包钱不多,跟他们有过一些争吵。”   成某回忆说,有一次“A品文玩”在群里点名要他发红包,可他发的包比较小,便遭到对方奚落。“她说我答应过要发大红包,可总是今天推明天,明天推后天。群里有的人是我朋友,她这么说让我心里很不舒服,我俩在群里就对骂起来了。”   此时“A品文玩”男友的杨某也在群里,他立刻“挺身而出”为女友出头,与成某继续对骂。“我不知道他俩的关系,他们一块骂,我也说不过就加了那男的好友,还要来电话,想要见面问个清楚。”   惨剧:见对方人多就出手   虽然庭审中成某辩称他只是想与对方“聊聊”,不过根据在案证据及杨某的证言显示,二人曾有多次通话,成某在电话里放言要“捅死”杨某。另一方面,杨某也担心见面后打起来会吃亏,就叫来好友郭某和白某一起“赴约”。   双方约定在一家超市门前见面,成某随身带了一把水果刀。“刚见面他们仨就围了上来,撕扯的时候我掏出刀朝着一个人的胳膊扎了下去。”实际上成某的这把刀扎进了郭某的胸部。随后成某逃离现场,郭某则一脸痛苦地倒地。杨某等人拨打急救电话将郭某送医,但郭某仍因伤势过重死亡。案发后,成某逃到其姐姐位于燕郊的家里躲了几天,后在家人的陪同下到公安机关投案自首。   公诉人指出,成某辩称见面只是想听对方解释,但不否认预见了可能发生打架的结果,且成某在对方三人赤手空拳的情况下,直接用刀扎刺对方,具有明显故意性。   庭审:“做这事挺后悔”   郭某家属在庭上向成某提出7万元的赔偿要求,成某表示愿意赔偿,但称自己没有什么积蓄。“做这事挺后悔,我也没想到出这么大事,我对不起被害人家属,只能尽力赔偿。”成某在最后陈述时说道。   记者了解到,成某两岁时父母离婚,后父亲将他过继给堂哥抚养。成某的辩护律师称,目前成某养父母的家境也很困难,虽然愿意赔偿部分损失给被害人家属,但数额也只是杯水车薪。   被害人郭某的妻子在庭后则按捺不住内心的悲痛,失声痛哭。“我丈夫是做建筑工程的,是家里顶梁柱。过年时儿子还在问爸爸去哪儿了,我真不知道该怎么回答。”昨天法庭未宣判此案。   北京晨报记者 黄晓宇 文 郝笑天 摄相关的主题文章: