The man into the pyramid to deceive their parents forged the kidnapping of P map technology is found t420s

The man into the pyramid to deceive their parents forged the kidnapping of P map technology is found for poor map making Xiaohua fingers cut off fake photos. Police photo Beijing, Chongqing, August 31 (Liu Yang Liu Xianglin) man into the pyramid organization forged the kidnapping to dream successful in the official career, but because the parents get money, P bad "murdered" photos exposed is found. 31 reporter learned from the Chongqing Dazu police, police has been the man from the marketing organization rescued, he also realized his mistake. In August 20th, Ms. Ding lived in Dazu dragon town to the police said, the 22 year old son Xiaohua accident, hoping to get the help of the police. Ms. Ding told police, ten days ago, told the parents in the main city of Chongqing workers Xiaohua, he met his girlfriend Linda Linda and on the Internet, ready to go to Fuzhou to find work together. August 19th morning, Ms. Ding suddenly received a phone call Xiaohua, ready to go to the hospital for stomach. A few hours later, her girlfriend Linda to call Ms. Ding said, Xiaohua gastric perforation, need immediate surgery, otherwise it may lead to septic shock and other serious consequences, let Ding remit 35000 yuan surgery. Linda gave to Ding Xiaohua in bed photos. As a result of poverty in the home and the incident suddenly, ms.. The morning of August 20th, Ding again received a phone call in addition to Xiaohua, Xiaohua cries, and several men of a dialogue. The direction of Ms. Ding sent a bank card account, but also sent a photo to Ms. Ding WeChat Zhang Xiaohua kidnapped. Ms. Ding panic, quickly agreed to ask the other side and reported to the police. A police effort to find the Xiaohua trail, on the other hand, Ms. Ding to appease the mood, asked her to continue and the "kidnappers" deal. The afternoon of August 21st, Ding also received the kidnappers call, if not money, it will cut off the fingers xiaohua. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Ding received WeChat Xiaohua fingers cut off photos. See photos after the police suspect the authenticity of the photo: the color of the blood in the photo is dark brown, there is a big difference between the color of fresh blood; blood to drip, inconsistent with the cut finger shape after cut finger; Xiaohua, did not immediately cover the wound, which is different with the common wounded lying cry. Performance. Through the investigation, the police found Xiaohua did not go to Fuzhou, but in Shaanxi Shangluo area. By asking the police learned that Xiaohua before going to Shangluo met girlfriend Linda, two people often chat, frequent contacts. Due to the small Ling in the field, to persuade Xiao Ling Xiaohua, decided to migrant workers. Police through the Internet site Xiao Ling found in Shangluo activities, then rushed to Shangluo investigation. In Shangluo police cooperation, the ad hoc police in Shangluo, a pedestrian street will find Xiaohua and linda. The police long time out of the channel, Xiaohua "kidnapping". Xiaohua said he met Linda in the Internet, that try to find work ideas. Linda said she was familiar with Shangluo, can help Xiaohua find work in Shangluo. By virtue of Linda’s goodwill and trust, Xiaohua to Shangluo. Linda took a few days to play Xiao Hua in Shangluo zone.相关的主题文章: