The Ministry of Commerce has made the preliminary dumping stainless steel strip expressed strong dis misao

The Ministry of Commerce has made the preliminary dumping stainless steel strip expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Commerce Trade Remedy Investigation Bureau on the American release of China stainless steel strip preliminary anti-dumping speaking in Washington on September 12th to the United States, the U.S. Department of Commerce made the preliminary anti-dumping investigation on the origin of stainless steel plate and strip Chinese, identified China enterprise anti-dumping tax rate of 63.86%-76.64%. Commerce Department trade remedy Investigation Bureau official in this conversation. The responsible person said, in the case of mandatory respondent and other respondent enterprises to actively cooperate with the investigation of the case, the investigation organ refused for various reasons and evidence submitted by the demands of the enterprise, cut out the high tax, trade protectionism is very obvious. Chinese iron and steel enterprises strongly dissatisfied with the practice of the United States, the Chinese government will take all necessary measures to safeguard the interests of enterprises. The official pointed out that the United States in the requirements of other countries to open up the market, the elimination of trade barriers, while a trade remedy investigation closed its domestic market, the United States to provide excessive protection of steel prices. China expressed serious concern about this practice. China urged the United States to abide by in the group of twenty (G20) summit in Hangzhou to oppose any form of trade and investment protectionism, the implementation of the leaders of the two countries’ consensus to effectively control differences and deepen the Sino US economic and trade relations ", to play a positive role in improving the overall environment of global trade. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: