The poor in those unscrupulous bottom mutual harm yuria

Poor in those "bottom use unscrupulous divisive tactics of mutual harm Yang Sanxi commentary authors in August 28th, Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu case a warrant in the last one suspects Zheng Xiancong surrendered, 6 suspects were all arrested finally. The 6 suspects from Fujian and other places, the average age of only 26 years old, 3 are 90, the youngest only 19 years old, age is an important feature of their. The media after the outline of the criminal gang group: young, economic pressure or life not to change the status quo, hope to make fast. Among them, the last one was the principal of the Zheng Xiancong years working outside, and his wife after the divorce has been single, fathered a child and a woman. Family’s house for an unfinished 2 story, red brick exposed, and are not decoration. The youngest suspects bear super, 97 years old, only one year older than Xu Yuyu. Xu Yuyu suspects and victims have a lot in common: from rural areas, family poverty, at the bottom of society. Swindlers arrested really hateful, but seeing this The people are all jubilant. Somewhatimmature, several young people, they did not imagine the grim, atrocious, even some people join gangs for only a week, we still like before so angry, so you want to kill it? 6 fraud suspects in 3 people from Fujian, Anxi, local residents by plucking tea and rice. Outside Anxi, Hebei, Hunan, Shuangfeng, there has been a convergence of practices, a large number of fraud crimes. Local economic development is lagging behind, too much idle labor, coupled with the transformation of industrial upgrading in the coastal areas to reduce the demand for labor and thus lead to the return of rural labor force, are the main causes of fraud crime. For many local young people, poor choice for the future: or through the entrance into college, into another live track; or an early end to the studies into the community, live with their parents about life. The fraud was mistaken for a shortcut to get rich quick. Xu Yuyu’s hometown of Shandong, Linyi, but also economically underdeveloped areas. Xu Yuyu rely on their own efforts admitted to the University, and finally see the desire to get rid of the survival of their parents orbit. If we learn more about her living environment, we will not be surprised at her reaction to being cheated and cheated. In the campus, her life closed, monotonous, life is all for the college entrance examination, the only channel for contact with the outside world, perhaps the school broadcast CCTV news that big screen. If it weren’t for the fraud, Zheng Xiancong and Xu Yuyu would never be put together for discussion. Xu Yuyu was selected, purely accidental, many of her classmates also received a telephone fraud, unfortunately, only her on, and therefore lost their lives. But even after the implementation of fraud, fraudsters may not know who is on the other side of the phone, people suspect that they are watching the news to know their fraud object is Xu Yuyu, because in accordance with the general case, the case is likely to last out of no echo. The intention of fraud is robbed, but unexpectedly hurt life. Because of the death of Xu Yuyu, set off a great disturbance soon all arrested, suspected of fraud. But the real "kill" Xu Yuyu相关的主题文章: