The real-time gif- tower of God lob kick failed Luneng in the restricted area was blocked

The real-time gif- tower of God lob kick failed inside the area by blocking Luneng Luneng against Sanfrecce Hiroshima sina sports news Beijing time on February 23rd afternoon, 2016 AFC Champions League League group phase group F first round opened, super league team Shandong Luneng team sat off Japan challenge J club Sanfrecce Hiroshima, sina sports will bring the game for you real-time Saikuang GIF, look forward to your attention! The first half seventeenth minutes into the game Luneng aid Tardelli half right front distance try hanging doors, but in the end the ball above the bar. Try thirtieth minutes long lob tower of God, Luneng won the penalty area indirect free kick opportunity, Monti slightly shifting the ball, Zheng Zheng shot, the ball hit pop in the final.   near the end of the game in the first half, Hiroshima foreign aid Utaka second road into the area, the young Asano Takuma kicked a cross shot hit the door wide, Luneng escaped unharmed. The first half of Hiroshima insurance scored in stoppage time, water hangping pass in the corner, Wang Dalei interference in each other the ball into the goal, but the referee signaled the collision goalkeeper in the first place, the goal is invalid. At the end of the first half, both sides fight temporarily 0-0.   Hiroshima half break invalid second half sixty-fourth minutes into the game, the Hiroshima right wingers to attack the middle, water stopping hangping broke his left foot hit the door, leading Hiroshima 1-0. The second half sixty-seventh minutes into the game, Luneng front corner, Yang Xu before a header, Luneng in the away tie 1-1. (update) 现场实时gif-塔神吊射未果 鲁能禁区内任意球被挡 鲁能客场迎战广岛三箭   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月23日下午,2016亚冠联赛小组赛F组首轮拉开帷幕,中超球队山东鲁能队坐客日本挑战J联赛劲旅广岛三箭队,新浪体育将为您带来比赛的实时赛况gif报道,期待您的关注!   上半场比赛进行到第17分钟时鲁能外援塔尔德利半场右路前沿尝试远距离吊门,不过最终皮球高出横梁。 塔神尝试远距离吊射   第30分钟,鲁能获得禁区内间接任意球机会,蒙蒂略拨球,郑铮大力射门,最终皮球打在人墙上弹出。    上半场比赛临近结束时,广岛外援乌塔卡中路秒传至禁区,小将浅野拓磨一脚似传似射的打门偏出,鲁能躲过一劫。 广岛半场险破门   补时阶段,清水航平角球传中,王大雷在对方干扰下将球打入球门,但主裁判示意冲撞门将在先,进球无效。半场结束,双方暂时战成0-0。  广岛半场破门无效   下半场比赛进行到第64分钟时,广岛右路组织进攻传至中路,边前卫清水航平停球左脚打门破门,广岛1-0领先。   下半场比赛进行到第67分钟时,鲁能前场开出角球,杨旭前点头球破门,鲁能在客场将比分扳成1-1平。   (实时更新)相关的主题文章: