The revised 2017 college entrance exam outline plan released all knowledge points are

The revised 2017 college entrance exam outline plan released   all knowledge points are deleted — Sichuan channel — original title: revision of the 2017 college entrance examination outline plan released all knowledge points were cut according to the examination center of the Ministry of education examination center daily news issued before the 2017 common entrance examination outline "on the amendment of the notice", released in 2017. Common entrance examination amendments. 2017 college entrance examination knowledge points are deleted. Moderate increase in the amount of reading, increase the common sense of ancient culture, in the Chinese classical Chinese, traditional festivals, folk and other content. The revised syllabus, mathematics elective module "reduce geometric proof" selecting, increase the content of culture of mathematics. The physical module 3-5 as compulsory, in order to adapt to the trend of curriculum standard revision. According to the documents, in addition to other subjects besides Chinese adjustment of the content of the examination, a reasonable set of elective modules. For example, reduce the elective module "mathematical geometric proof" selecting, the physical module 3-5 as a compulsory course, conform to the standard revision trend. History of the revised syllabus of elective module by deleting "modern social democratic ideas and practice, to explore the historical mystery" and "world cultural heritage". On the ideological and political "acquisition and interpretation of information" and "mobilize and use of knowledge," to describe and explain things "and" demonstration and inquiry "four ability assessment objectives analysis of the content of the revision and improvement of the test sample, to illustrate, emphasizes the leading role of the core orientation of moral education and social values. It is understood that the examination syllabus is the normative documents and standards of college entrance examination, examination and evaluation, is the basis for the exam, is the starting point to promote the reform of the examination content, revised syllabus, an important measure is to implement the "opinions" of the State Council on deepening the reform of admissions exam system spirit, improve education quality of examination. Industry experts told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Beijing college entrance examination belongs to own topic, every January announcement of the Beijing college entrance examination that is mainly based on the college entrance examination that year, from the paper structure, the examination content and requirements of specific norms in the college entrance examination requirements. The contents of the national college entrance examination syllabus revision reflects the changes in the idea and direction of the college entrance examination, is still worthy of serious attention Beijing candidates and schools. (reporter Liu Xu) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: