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UnCategorized You need college cash, right? The Robert Byrd Scholarship has it. Check out why this great program can help you go to college, any accredited college, even online colleges. Who qualifies for the scholarship? This is a competitive award, but let’s take a quick look at who can apply. First, you have to meet all of these during the school year you apply. That makes this a scholarship for graduating high school seniors. Then, you can renew later. More on renewals below. The basics of qualifying: – Graduate from high school or get a GED – Legal long term residency in the US – Legal resident of the state where you apply – Must have applied to college or a university. Community college or online college works, too. You have to attend full time. – No defaults on student loans – Guys must register with Selective Service – Not be a student of a military academy, who have a 4 year scholarship anyway Not all that tough, right? Most current high school seniors would be able to meet them to at least apply. Now what makes this a great scholarship program? Honestly, I found so many good things I decided to just summarize them. Here’s a partial list. 4 Reasons to Apply to Get the Byrd 1. Ongoing money – federal funding has been around for years. No one can promise, of course, but this program will probably stick around for many more years. Since the scholarship renews, this will be important. 2. Big Budget for students – bottom line funding for 2008 was a whopping $40 million plus. Take a look at this calculation: $40 million divided by $1500 per student = over 26,000 students with scholarships. You could be one of those. Of those, 6,000 are new winners, and 20,000 are renewals. Win it once, renew it three times. 3. Application deadlines – depends on the state. If you hurry, you might get in on the giveaway this year. Your state sets its application closing date separately, and some haven’t closed yet. Google the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship site for your state contact. That will get you the address, website, email address and phone number so you can get started. By the way, every territory of the US, PR, Guam, American Samoa, VI, DC and so on get their own funding as well. 4. This scholarship can be used at any accredited college or university in the country. Talk about flexibility. You can go anywhere in the US and spend this money once get the award. Once again, that also applies to territories. So if you win, you don’t have to stay in your town, you can use this scholarship money at any accredited school across the country. What scholarships do you have lined up? Have you thought about how you will pay for school? Another $1500 would probably help out, right? The applications don’t require much. Most applications only require you to identify yourself, and to have your high school submit your grades and college entrance exam score for the competition. You can fill one of these out very quickly, and it’s done. Give it a try. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: