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The pound plunged caused by luxury sales   LV London to buy the cheapest in the world – Shaanxi channel — original title: pound collapse caused sales of luxury goods in London to buy hot LV the world’s most expensive British exit after the referendum, the substantial depreciation of the pound, the British some daily necessities such as imported wine, electronic products and car prices have increased. But the Global Times reporter found that most luxury goods in London did not raise prices, and for foreign tourists, it meant that London was the most cost-effective place to buy luxury goods compared to the rest of the world. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 13 reported that tourists can now buy the world’s cheapest Louis Weedon (LV) handbag in london. According to DDT, the research firm of accounting firms, converted to dollars, many luxury goods are cheaper in the UK than anywhere else. Since June this year, the pound against the U.S. dollar fell by 17%, the relative purchasing power of foreign consumers greatly improved. Take the LV Speedy 30 handbag, for example, this handbag sells for 645 pounds ($802) in London in October 7th. The same handbags are sold in Paris for 850 dollars, $970 for New York, and 7450 RMB for china. Reported that currently 64% of British luxury brands than any place are cheap, but such a situation will not persist, because luxury goods are usually collective price adjustment, if the devaluation of the pound is the "new normal", many brands will make the price adjustment. The Wall Street journal says cheap pounds are attracting tourists who are advocating high end consumption. According to the Swiss bank analysis, in August this year, the number of foreigners buying luxury goods in Britain rose by 36% compared with the same period last year. In contrast, France’s turnover dropped by nearly 20%, Italy fell by 11% year-on-year. Chinese customers are particularly sensitive to luxury goods prices. In recent years, a large number of Chinese tourists have flocked to Europe to buy luxury goods. On the one hand, due to the devaluation of the euro and the pound, on the other hand, buying luxury goods abroad can avoid the high import tax. In the Past National Day golden week, many British shopping malls have launched China’s National Day special discount promotions. On the famous Oxford street in London, Chinese tourists can see it everywhere. (Sun Wei) (Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li) 英镑暴跌致奢侈品销售火爆 伦敦买LV全球最便宜–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:英镑暴跌致奢侈品销售火爆 伦敦买LV全球最便宜   英国脱欧公投后,英镑大幅贬值,英国一些日常用品如进口葡萄酒、电子产品甚至汽车的价格都有所提高。但是《环球时报》记者发现,伦敦大多数奢侈品并没有提高价格,对于外国游客而言,这意味着相比于世界其他地方,伦敦目前是购买奢侈品最划算的地方。   英国广播公司(BBC)13日报道说,现在游客在伦敦能买到世界上最便宜的路易威登(LV)手提包。据会计师事务所德勤的研究数据,折算成美元,当前许多奢侈品牌商品在英国比其他任何地方都要便宜。今年6月以来,英镑兑美元汇率下跌17% ,外国消费者相对购买力大大提升。以LV的Speedy 30手袋为例,这款手袋10月7日在伦敦的售价是645英镑(802美元)。而同款手袋在巴黎的售价为850美元,纽约为970美元,而在中国则标价7450人民币。   报道称,目前英国64%的奢侈品牌比任何地方都便宜,但这样的情形将不会一直维持下去,因为奢侈品通常是集体定价调整,如果英镑贬值成为“新常态”,很多品牌将会做出价格调整。   美国《华尔街日报》称,低廉的英镑正在吸引崇尚高端消费的游客。根据瑞士银行的分析,今年8月,外国人在英国购买奢侈品的数量同比上涨36%。相比之下,法国成交量同比下降近20%,意大利同比下降11%。   中国顾客对奢侈品价格尤其敏感,近年来,大量中国游客涌入欧洲购买奢侈品,一方面因欧元、英镑贬值,另一方面在国外购买奢侈品可以避免高额进口税。在刚刚过去的国庆黄金周期间,英国很多商场都推出中国国庆特惠折扣促销。在伦敦著名的牛津街上,手提购物袋的中国游客随处可见。(孙微) (责编:谷妍、王丽)相关的主题文章: