The so-called iphone6 se is just a photo of PS mkdv-02

The so-called "iPhone6 SE" is a PS of photos only Sina mobile phone news, August 25th morning news, pass a message in the network high yesterday, said a new generation of iPhone called "iPhone6 SE" instead of 7, and drying out of the box as evidence. Unfortunately, these pictures are fake. The "iPhone6 SE" box was originally iPhone SE, the font above PS, has not yet released a new iPhone. Note that the red arrow is marked on the back of the box with a label, a little closer look, up and down two "iPhone6 SE" is just between iPhone SE forced into a number of only 6. Including the background of intermediate digital model A1758 and the fuzzy degree and the surrounding is not the same, in addition, the bottom of the "2016" of copyright and the front of the C is not flush with clarity behind the Apple are not the same. The above code is probably PS erase all this trouble than words, and bar code easier to identify true and false. The side of the box box with the above different counterfeiters also made the side of the box, and the manual picture, but the two picture is the proof that the first label map is false: they are "iPhone SE 6" iPhone and 6 spaces, but the first picture is "iPhone6 SE", there is no space. Presumably the box back label paper place crowded high difficulty PS. False instructions in addition to the top with 6 others also some media on micro-blog to find some information as news channel and carefully described, but forgot to primary micro-blog at a glance, Po the Lord himself has said this is North Huaqiang products. Without considering the network rumors when the material but when the primary Po has said "Huaqiang North" btw: if needed before the rumors, we have iPhone7 rumors summary. According to these, you can probably guess the appearance of iPhone 7, but to remind you, broke the news, look good. (Xiao Guang)相关的主题文章: