The US action intensifies the tension in the South China Sea to militarization – Sohu Military Chann-jodie foster

The United States actions exacerbate tensions in the South China Sea is to engage in "Military" – Sohu military channel according to Xinhua news agency in Beijing in February 19, foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei 19 in response to the United States on the South China Sea speech said that the United States a series of actions exacerbate tensions in the South China Sea, is to engage in military in the South China sea". The U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby said 18 commercial satellite images show the Yongxing Island missile is recently deployed, can not see China to stop military signs, the Chinese did not take any measures to make the situation more stable and safer. Hong Lei said that the Chinese sovereignty of the Spratly Islands and the nearby sea area has ample historical and legal evidence. Chinese intention to engage in "Military" position in Spratly Islands is serious, serious. But as the day before the foreign minister Wang Yi said, demilitarization is not a state, nor the implementation of double or multiple standards, need domain and relevant foreign countries to make a try. He said that the current situation is that the United States continue to strengthen military deployment in the South China Sea, frequently dispatched warships and military aircraft into the South China Sea, close to the high frequency of military reconnaissance China, and has sent a missile destroyer and strategic bombers approaching even further Chinese Spratly Islands on the reefs adjacent sea airspace, repeatedly induced pressure allies or partners in the South China Sea to engage in joint military drill "strong" and "joint cruise". These actions exacerbate tensions in the South China Sea, is to engage in "military in the South China Sea." Hong Lei said. Hong Lei said that the Yongxing island is inherent territory Chinese. In 1959, after the government China in Yongxing Island established offices and government facilities, for decades has been in the construction and carry out necessary. Relevant countries and people in the position before the clear historical latitude and the basic facts of the South China sea.

美方行动加剧紧张局势 才是在南海搞“军事化”-搜狐军事频道  据新华社北京2月19日电:外交部发言人洪磊19日在回应美国有关南海言论时表示,美国一系列行动加剧了南海紧张局势,才是在南海搞“军事化”。   美国务院发言人柯比18日称,商业卫星图片显示永兴岛导弹是最近部署的,看不到中方停止了军事化迹象,中方也没有采取任何措施使局势更稳定、更安全。   洪磊表示,中国对南沙群岛及其附近海域的主权拥有充分历史和法理依据。中国在南沙群岛无意搞“军事化”的表态是认真、严肃的。但正如日前王毅外长所说,非军事化不是一个国家的事情,也不能实施双重或多重标准,需要域内及有关域外国家一道作出努力。   他说,目前的情况是,美国不断加强在南海军力部署,频繁派出军用舰机进入南海海域,对中国进行高频度抵近军事侦察,并多次派出导弹驱逐舰和战略轰炸机逼近甚至深入中国南沙群岛有关岛礁邻近海空域,一再诱压盟国或伙伴在南海搞针对性极强的“联合军演”和“联合巡航”。   “上述行动加剧了南海紧张局势,才是在南海搞‘军事化’。”洪磊说。洪磊表示,永兴岛是中国固有领土。1959年,中国政府即在永兴岛设立了办事机构及之后的政府设施,几十年来一直在其上开展建设及必要布防。有关国家和人士在表态前应先把南海的历史经纬和基本事实弄清楚。相关的主题文章: