The Vietnamese cup U17 victory over Derby China Xu Jiande Bianzhen in 3-0- sports Sohu.-imjpmig

The Vietnamese cup U17 victory China Debbie Xu Jiande Bianzhen collusion small country 3-0- Sohu sports   October 9th, 2016 VTV International Women’s volleyball tournament in the Vietnam War to second, from Zhejiang, Henan Xu Jiande command Mao Jun Yi as captain of the country U17 women’s volleyball team in three straight sets 3-0 win over Xu Zhoutang Zhang Zhongxue, following yesterday to 0-3 was Thailand’s first victory Chonburi won the best zero. Earlier, veteran Wirawan led Thailand to Chonburi, the same is to beat 3-0 Indonesia to win the two game winning streak. U17 country 3-0 Xuzhou Tong Zhang (25-15, 25-19, 25-13 high school) U17 country girl row is composed of 2000-2001 age, coach Xu Jiande enabled the main 1 Chen Boya (Tianjin, 89 to 1 meters) and No. 8 Sun Ruoqing (Zhejiang, 1 meters, 87) font No. 12 Mao Junyi (Henan, 1 meters, 93 captain No. 10) and Liang Weifan (Fujian, 1 meters, 85) second No. 6 Sun Yan (Jiangsu, 1 meters 86), free man No. 4 Zhao Xuening (Shanghai, 1 meters is starting 74). However, collusion location is switched to No. 2 Sun Xiaoxuan (Liaoning, 1 m 83) over Ni in free from the extraordinary title; to the collusion of the No. 7 Ni Feifan (Jiangsu, 1 meters, 75) replaced Sun Ruoqing in the first half consolidated defence bureau. The middle war to the second country girl, row by the main 11 Liu Xiaoyi (Shandong, 1 meters 84) short for Chen Boya. First, a small country Chen Boya storm and serve, Mao Junyi Sun Ruoqing, Duan Pingkuai hit 8-0 strong start, but Chen is not in place, a liberal Sun Ruoqing spike under the network lost 3 points in a row. In the sun if Jing thugs and Sun Xiaoxuan ball to 13-5 after the country Furless fast track, but Chen Boya was fired Junyi 15-8, and by Mao Junyi, Liang after thugs, Sun Xiaoxuan ball hit by 25-15 wins first. Second, Xuzhou middle school start to attack blocked 3-8 Tong Zhang’s little Sun Xiaoxuan dunks, lose the first battle, Mao Junyi 14-8 to consolidate the advantages of fast track, but a disarray, Chen Boya was stopped by even after 4 minutes. In the Mao Junyi Sun Yan block near the body quickly, expand the difference to 22-17, Xuzhou Tong Zhang middle school was the request to suspend, Chen Boya jump float small country and out of bounds, the opponent scores combo 25-19 clinch. Third, a small country if the Sun Jing continuous ace 8-3 seize the initiative, Xuzhou Tong Zhang middle school lose 4 points to 3-12 requesting a truce. It is Sun Xiaoxuan, Chen Boya and pat the ball attack lead to 16-8 suspended small country Sun Xiaoxuan jump floating scored 2 points and Chen Boya was stopped, anti floating and continuous jump to 22-10, the final by virtue of Sun Yan ball two times, Xuzhou Tong Zhang middle school back to the ball 25-13 win 3-0. Chonburi Thailand 3-0 (25-20, 25-20, 25-17) (Feng Muyi) ()相关的主题文章: