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The world kiss me with tears, I would like to quote a song to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number is psychological "little girl and her grandfather had a solitary little girl from their parents died, the aunt (mother’s sister) up to five years of age, for their own future, aunt threw her to never contacted grandpa alone. Grandpa didn’t want the kid. She spent the first day in the livestock room. My aunt came back, secretly took her to Frankfurt a rich man, give the family disabled daughter do they girls. Frankfurt one family in the rich family, in charge of the daily affairs of the family tutor from the Alps to look down on this "uneducated country bumpkin", she couldn’t read, do not know how to behave at the dinner table, too lively, does not meet the usual style of the family, she was humiliated and punished. She missed home, depressed, want to sneak away, but was told that she had been sold to the home can not go back. She cried alone in bed, and even sleepwalking, in the dream to go back to the mountains. There is a man who is a Hollywood screenwriter who is good at discovering wonderful stories and quick to write good scripts. He is a staunch communist, was persecuted because of faith, by MGM fired, was sentenced to 11 months imprisonment. After he was released from prison, the Hollywood film society put him and many left-wing writers on the blacklist. He needs to make money, family and children need to take care of and support. And it’s like cutting his arm or cutting his tongue. A talented person can not live with his talent, but also can not make a sound by writing. With his talent with life if the general experience to calculate, using S-R (stimulus response mechanism), to determine the statistical probability and big data: in such a situation, they will become what kind of personality, and in what manner to treat the people around them and the world? The little girl may be inside the dark, hope for the world to lose heart, hostility or depression; silence, or rebellious unruly, treat the people around and around the world with aggression and hostility. This man may disappear from the scene, away from the blocked circle to find another way, perhaps as many as Dutch act, divorce, companion, unable to get up after a fall…… Someone hurt me, I also go to hurt others; the world abandoned me, I don’t deserve to be loved, I also abandon myself, resist others. The reason is very good, right? That’s what many people think. A lot of research on psychology will find abandoned childhood experience will bring a lot of behavioral problems, and even cause the paranoid personality; adult personality is stable, but the great changes in life time of major trauma may lead to personality. A lot of people follow this law. If this is the case, although people sigh regret, but also feel in the expected, after all, can understand. But if all things are expected, in the understanding, the world is too boring. There are some people, but not in)相关的主题文章: