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Those who say that you like to meet a fly? Sohu reply "good night" to send you a warm heart before bed yesterday about two friends to drink afternoon tea, you know, girls chat together, it will discuss the recent encounter with a boy. They asked me recently feelings, my face and said firmly, as addicted to writing, no love. Pepper said, a few days ago, a boy suddenly very warm to her, after a few days to talk about a good feeling, I would like to wait for a few days to eat together, but he suddenly love her again. In view of the fact that I and pepper are not worth what gossip news, we turned to seven. I asked her: to tell the truth, recently there is no favorite boy. He smiled and said, there is a pretty good, he said very love me, about my movies, but I have not promised. Heard the news, I saw the big dog and pepper like bones, four eyes light. Let us look at the boy’s seven photos. He said, you have seen him ah, who last birthday, four of us are in, is the grey haired boy. I said, I remember that boy, very handsome ah. Pepper did not speak for a moment, pepper zhizhiwuwu said the boy, I said, is he… Pepper finish, the three of us who didn’t speak, three face Meng force at a loss about what to do. What do you think is to start the war bestie tear force. You are too simple, the friendship between women is not as fragile as you imagine. After the three of us like a detective who saw the boy and pepper, seven chats, he found two people say in fact almost. At the beginning, a little more familiar with hard after a gallant, and then began to ask them to come out and play. During the day did not return to the news, to the middle of the night began to pull the topic of love, said he used to like a girl who is very good to her, but did not result, then not how to fall in love. Said the first sight when pepper / seven, they feel very good, like a clear stream. The difference is that pepper was busy with the game, has not responded to him. But he said there are seven just received the invitation time movie together. He said, I think he is probably a slag man. I said don’t slap someone else so quickly, maybe he really has a special feeling for you, although it seems unlikely. Finally we decided to seven don’t respond to him, see him what’s next. A few days later in the afternoon, I suddenly received a request to add friends, open a look at the boy. I asked seven in the three person group, how are you and the boy. He said, he ignored me how ah, I don’t care. I sent a screenshot to the group, the three of us can be identified. This man is everywhere nets, key fishing fish. I suddenly think of a word, that is in line with the current situation: a day of love, two days, seven days after not to. This is actually a lot of people, in a friend’s Bureau after you add WeChat, and other girls to interact enthusiastically. Leave to go home at night, he suddenly sent a message to ask you, did you have fun today. And you have a no bar相关的主题文章: