Three Quarterly Bulletin revealed that the social security fund shares in favor of new stocks 130 St yuanjiao

Three of the Quarterly Bulletin revealed the social security fund like bank shares 130 new stocks – fund channel reporter Sun Hua according to flush data, with the A shares of three listed companies completed quarterly disclosure, social security fund in the third quarter of 130 new stocks, 26 industries, belonging to the SWS industry in which new stocks accounted for more than three industries rely on prior to the bank, leisure services and computer, which accounted for 9.09% of the number of constituent stocks, 8.82% and 8.38%. Statistics show that the computer industry Insigma the most favored by the social security fund, the stocks from the new number of shares, accounting for the proportion of tradable shares, the first row of new stocks. Insigma holding 92 million 791 thousand and 800 shares; the proportion of the outstanding shares of 11.29%. Under the low value of bank shares under the value of concern. With the pension fund into the market, large funds for absolute income demands also means a high dividend rate of bank shares or will usher in a wave of market." Huatai Securities managing director Luo Yi told reporters. Market participants believe that the computer industry to promote economic restructuring and upgrading, so the attention of the social security fund. The country began to actively layout "Internet plus" and the field of big data, 2015 from July last year, the State Council issued "on actively promoting" Internet plus "action guidance", which defined the artificial intelligence is one of the 11 key areas of the layout; in 2015 August, the State Council issued the first big data development authority, the system of "promoting the document outline" big data development action, put forward the top-level design of China’s big data development, big data has become the national strategy. In August 26, 2016, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "notice" on the field of big data organization to declare the construction of innovation ability and special organization to declare "please" on Internet plus "in the field of innovation ability construction special notice", the national development and Reform Commission organized the construction of a National Engineering Laboratory is an important measure to further implement the national strategic layout, through the construction of innovation platform of National Engineering Laboratory agglomeration, integration and innovation resources into a new impetus for strategic emerging industries (310328, fund). In addition, the three quarter data show that the social security fund holdings of 185 stocks, the number from the reduction, the top 10 stocks were: the gold, the color of shares, Yangquan coal, clean water source, Wuliangye, long power technology, Da Hua shares, Kang Dexin, Chun Hing Seiko, and into the new. Among them, the largest number of holdings of gold in gold, up to 56 million 419 thousand and 700 shares. From the three quarter of the fund holdings of the industry, the reduction of the proportion of the top stocks for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, agriculture, food and beverage etc.. Pharmaceutical and Biological Industry Holdings of 24 stocks, of which, the new and into a reduction of 24 million 369 thousand and 300 shares. "Because of the" health Chinese "theme market has been fermented, related stocks have also been movement, although from the long-term perspective constitutes a positive for the industry, but the short-term some stocks also need to pay attention to avoid, therefore, the social security fund to lighten up can understand." A brokerage analyst to accept the Securities Daily reporters, said.相关的主题文章: