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What is a Time Attendance Software? It is basically software used by companies to take note of employees whenever they come to work. There is various software available in the market which offers such services for recording the comings and goings of employees. We just have to find the particular software that suits our requirements. Now the main function that the time attendance software fulfills is that it regularly calculates the employees attendance, namely their arrival and departure time. It saves the data in a computer database after recording it. This data is then used for making reports about an individual worker by the Human Resource Department. With the help of this software it becomes easy to calculate leave balances, benefits, paychecks, reduce employee paper trails, create time sheets, etc. Why should it be used and How does it work? Some people might think it might be a hassle to use such software but in reality it is the easiest thing to do. All employees can use this software with ease. After the installation of the software, all employees are given a personal identity through an identifier. This identifier allows the software system to recognize the employee when they enter the office and allows it to record their arriving and departing times as well. A card with a barcode is also given to the employee, which can be scanned by a barcode reader. Of the many different types of software available in the market, Face Recognition and Access Control software are more widely known. The Face Recognition software uses the employees face to identify him while the Access Control software uses the employees fingerprint to do so. Advantages of using Face Recognition over Fingerprint Access and others methods. Face Recognition is in all the rage now. In the biometrics world, it is considered as the most efficient method of identifying a person. High quality images of employees stored in a computer database give it the strength to stand on its own. Access Control which uses finger prints still has the risk of encountering errors because the pad used for detecting the print may be dirty or the finger might not be read properly due to being wet and grimy. Also finger print machines run the risk of being manipulated, resulting into fraud, duplication and easy hacking. Iris recognition devices are also prone to interference. It also brings out in the open some personal details about the employee that he might want to keep disclosed. Voice recognition software have the tendency to fail if the person using has had a sore throat due to some illness or malady. Face recognition is far more advanced than these other methods and has proved to be working consistently over a period of time. Since Time Attendance Software does not depend on supervisors or other employees for functioning, the benefit of using this software is that it does not allow for abuses like buddy punching, clock padding and general impreciseness in time capture. A user for time attendance software has to be aware of exactly what he needs from it and then install the software which suits his requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: