To conquer and GAC trumpchi gs8 officially listed in Shenzhen

To conquer and GAC trumpchi GS8 Shenzhen officially listed in October 29th, hundreds of guests gathered in Shenzhen happy coast OTC Exhibition Center, to witness the large SUV– trumpchi GS8 GAC GAC trumpchi new trumpchi GS8 officially listed, the price of 16.38-25.98 million. GS8 positioning for large seven seat SUV, with the GAC trumpchi GA8 flagship sedan of the same C (CPMA) to create a platform. The new car launched a total of 6 models, all models equipped with the 2.0T engine, matching Aisin 6 speed manual gearbox. Trumpchi GS8 by Guangzhou Research Institute Vice President, chief engineer Zhang Fan led the design team building, combined with the international standards of beauty and Chinese unique market demand, the first "iron hand in a velvet glove" design concept, the overall presentation of the visual impact of tough domineering. As trumpchi brand high-end line after GA8 and a C level high masterpiece, trumpchi GS8 set "super tough domineering appearance, the pattern of seven seat space, new vision of intelligent interconnection, all terrain fearless driving" four core values in a body. The appearance of 4810*1910*1770mm GS8, the large size of the body outline founder powerful shapes and domineering robust body posture, body muscle sense, straight waist force; the longitudinal matrix full LED headlamps, penetrating "Lingyun wing" family type grille; tunnel type double U type LED "8" type lamp very solid and sense of space. Interior, GS8 uses a simple and elegant style of the surrounding layout of the suspension and the exquisite combination of fine material, through the form and the line will be integrated into a seamless cockpit. Two kinds of color collocation: wood color micro Xi "theme with deep chestnut brown collocation beige color, with yellow rosewood natural texture matte wood;" the classic song "theme with elegant black brown suede with almond collocation, Ultrasuede microfiber fabric and wood trim ink temperament. GS8 space, using 232 seven seat layout, a large storage space and trunk. The use of 2.8 meters long wheelbase, to create a wide range of the appropriate row of seats, the third rows of seats can be 180° completely flat. Relying on the combination of the two rows of seats, but also presents entertainment, leisure, family, business and other space patterns of the ten. At the same time, the car has 37 magic storage space, can put 48 bottles of mineral water; the large trunk space, the minimum depth of 380mm, easily put down two large suitcases, down third rows of seats up to 1.12 meters deep. In addition, the 1357*937mm has a large size panoramic sunroof; three separate temperature control air conditioning using negative ion technology, up to 7 rear outlet.   configuration, GS8 is equipped with 10 inch LCD screen Haman + GPS, integrated Beidou dual-mode 3D voice navigation, Carlife& Carplay; mobile phone interconnection system compatibility, support Andriod and iOS operating system; the application of the new foreign body recognition technology, the car for the mobile phone wireless charging; 7 inch multifunctional full color LCD panel, including navigation, entertainment and other 5 factory相关的主题文章: