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To provide more security — Health Channel – afternoon of September 1st for home care, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee deliberations of the State Council on the treatment of elderly protection law enforcement inspection report and review opinions feedback report, believes that with the deepening of aging in China, we must increase the elderly, provide system, manpower and financial security for all kinds of endowment way to home care as the key. Luo Liangquan members suggested to further increase the home care services, the establishment of community care centers for the elderly, rural well-being and the elderly and other associations to increase funding for the preparation of funding. At present, the rural elderly pension security level is relatively low, 70 yuan per month, can not meet the pension needs, it is recommended to raise the level of old-age security." Luo Liangquan said. Zhao Deming members believe that the state’s pension strategy is feasible, feasible. "Home care, home care" is an important direction of development. All localities should do a good job of reform and exploration, and strive for a better life for the present and the future of the elderly in china. Dong Zhongyuan said that the feedback report of the NPC Law enforcement inspection reports and deliberations, everything has responded, each piece is implemented. After more than half a year of efforts, law enforcement inspection report and review of the issues raised and recommendations, the majority have made progress or start related work. In this regard, should be fully affirmed. "For home-based care services should strengthen guidance, strengthen the integration of resources, increase support for efforts to increase capital investment, so that home-based care services can be quickly standardized and healthy development, to meet the current needs of the growing old-age home."   Liu Zhengkui said that through the development of home care services can also form a large industry to attract more social investment, create more jobs, and promote the development of the service industry. Car light rail members recommend further improve and improve the steady growth mechanism of capital investment. "The current lack of investment in the cause of aging, resources and other issues are very prominent, which is an important factor restricting the healthy development of the cause of aging. From the overall situation of capital investment, the greater the responsibility to the grassroots, the greater the pressure, but the lack of local financial resources and other bottlenecks in the short term it is difficult to crack. The relevant ministries and commissions of the State shall establish a reasonable mechanism for the input of the funds for the cause of aging as well as the stable growth mechanism as soon as possible, further broaden the investment channels, improve the efficiency of the use of funds, and ensure the smooth implementation of the work."   car light rail. Chen Xiqing members suggested that the work of the elderly to improve thinking, we must pay attention to the regional differences between urban and rural areas, but also to consider the difference between age. "The country put forward the elderly work objectives include five aspects, namely, teaching, life and medical care for and enjoy. We now pay more attention to life and medical care, and not enough emphasis on teaching, for the music." Chen Xiqing said. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 02 August 12 Edition) (Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章: