Today, the cold air and warm weather today, the highest temperature diving 10 degrees (video) yuanjiao

Today, the cold air and warm weather today, the highest temperature diving 10 degrees hot! Jiangcheng sunshine over enthusiasm, at noon yesterday many friends hot winter coats and go outdoors be taken by surprise, his sweat. Today, Jiangcheng yesterday or heat, but today on the face of God — tomorrow Jiangcheng temperature will drop 7 degrees Celsius, remember to wear winter clothes when you work out. Yesterday I ran as sunshine, the temperature at 10 in the morning in Wuhan area up to 18.3 degrees, 24 degrees up into the afternoon, many people have to wear hot strip, shirt shop. Netizen dust morning city hair micro-blog sigh: this day in Wuhan do not know what is called the transition, too hot I do not bother to speak mandarin. Although the afternoon there is a taste of summer, but autumn is the autumn, look at the blue sky and white clouds, the sky is red, really let everyone in the "early spring" in the feeling of a "autumn drunk". But as Wuhan netizens said micro-blog: cherish every sunny day in Wuhan, because I do not know tomorrow will be reduced to a few degrees. Indeed, Wuhan’s days as the seesaw, the temperature fluctuated, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. The Central Meteorological Observatory yesterday released weather tips: 5 to 8 at night, there will be a strong cold air from west to East, affecting most parts of China, Wuhan and Hubei province will be affected. Today is the province, Hubei lead to drizzle, other areas still sunny, the temperature fluctuation is small; the rain tomorrow with large cooling, Hubei cloudy with rain locally heavy rain, other areas cloudy with light to moderate rain, north wind gust to level 5, had a magnitude of 6, the province’s high temperature to 12 DEG -18 DEG the day after tomorrow; the falling rain, the northerly wind gust is still 5, the temperature will fall further to 11 DEG -14 deg. In Wuhan, it is warm and sunny today, and the temperature is 14 -24. Tomorrow is small to moderate rain, north wind 4-5, cold wind and rain, the temperature dropped to 13 degrees -17 degrees, the highest temperature within a day down 7 degrees, although the day after tomorrow rain overcast, but there are still 5 north, the temperature continues to drop to 10 DEG -13 deg. The weather changes quickly, tomorrow, we must remember to wear warm clothes! (reporter Chen Xi) today, we can enjoy the autumn sun tomorrow, cold air will bring rain to Wuhan sent cold, 5 north of the city, the highest temperature may be diving 10 degrees within two days. Yesterday, my city is a fine day, sunny afternoon under boost, the highest temperature to 23 degrees celsius. During the day, the sun will continue to accompany you to play, more suitable for travel, washing drying. However, a new cold air from the west to the East have begun to invade my province today, Hubei will appear small to moderate rain, the temperature dropped, the wind increased. The fastest tonight, tomorrow is slow, cold air will arrive in Wuhan, the city will usher in a small to moderate rain, the wind will be gradually increased to 4-5. The day after tomorrow, although the precipitation will gradually weaken to stop, but the impact of cold air is still, there are still about 5 gust. The rainfall duration is not long, but the temperature is more severe, the maximum temperature will drop to 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow, the day after the maximum temperature is expected to only about 13 degrees Celsius, please note that according to the temperature change in time to add clothes. It is expected that Wuhan will be sunny and cloudy during the day.相关的主题文章: