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8 Reasons You Should Get Your People Trained In Advanced Selling Skills Posted By: sridharan sharma Imagine your stores full of customers – there’s no space for keeping a foot. There’s no sale / discounts running in your stores – but your stores are just packed with customers. Isn’t it something you dream about? When you talk marketing, when you spend on advertising, when you put some stuff on sale, what you essentially aim for is – a jam-packed store and your sales staff finding it increasingly difficult to manage it all. But, how many retail chains out there are actually living this dream? Clearly, not many. So, where’s the problem lying? As a training specialist, the one area where a lot of retail chains in India need improvement is – aligning the skills of their ground staff with that of their organizational objectives. The staff is clearly not adequately skilled. Though major brands regularly conduct sales training for their staff, they just don’t seem to suffice. I’ve been to hundreds of stores and one thing that I see immensely lacking on part of sales staff is their passion for customer service, their attitude, and their lack of willingness to get into the shoes of their customers and make them feel important.

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corporate training programs for employees Business Benefits Of Behavioral Training Programs Posted By: sridharan sharma For a business to succeed, it needs people with positive attitude. No matter how advanced technology and infrastructure it possesses, it if does not promote a work culture where its people can learn, grow, and thrive, it cannot hope to improve its financial numbers and make a mark in the industry. It is well said that it is your people who make or break your business. So if you want an effective workforce, you must provide for their training and growth. When it comes to training, it is the behavioral training programs that top the chart Behavioral training includes training on communication skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, multitasking, decision making, creating problem solving, winning through people, etc. Whether it is a financial services company or an international banking chain, it can make its people more productive and enthusiastic about their work by putting them through behavioral training solutions. However, it is important that they are trained only on the skills which they need or will help them perform their tasks more effectively.

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Adult Education Structural Engineer Services Posted By: cressy haresy One of the biggest hassles of building a house or other structure is ready to receive documents. Because building codes and local laws are so complicated, you may find yourself running back and forth, trying to get a permit approved by your building. E-permitting is a new process, which many cities and states have implemented to try to streamline the permitting process. He works exclusively in the network, and allows you to apply for and obtain a building permit without leaving your computer. Using the Internet can really help you reduce the amount of time required to obtain a building permit. In places such as Los Angeles and parts of Oregon, allowing the two to three hours to just a few minutes on average. This includes the filing, payment of fees and printing Off Your building permit – all from home! Forget about the bulky forms and annoying to travel between the offices. If you are a contractor, a real estate investor, brokers, agents or any other type of real estate professional capacity, electronic authorization means a great advantage for you. E-allows you to keep from having to pick documents uncomfortable – all followed in digital form.

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