Trump met with the national leaders of the United States, said the United States will protect immigr

Trump met the beautiful city leaders said it would resist immigration – Sohu news election aftermath of concussion, the problem of illegal immigrants continue to ferment. Mayors of major cities in the United States said they would "shelter" immigrants after Trump claimed that he would repatriate millions of illegal immigrants. The "war" between the federal and local governments on immigration has begun. According to the British newspaper "independent" reported on November 17th, many large American city mayor has promised that President elect Trump will boycott the repatriation of illegal immigration measures. New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Losangeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Providence democratic mayors pledged to protect the city’s residents not to be repatriated. There are about 18 million 500 thousand migrant workers, accounting for about 117 of the population of the United states. In addition to Losangeles, all of these cities will be a "sheltered city"". Losangeles mayor Eric Jiaerqiedi? (Eric Garcetti) did not use the word "sanctuary city", he said "city" is difficult to define, but promised that Losangeles will not use the police to help implement this policy, unless the judge ordered to do so. "Asylum city" (sanctuary cities) generally refers to with the immigration and customs enforcement agency cooperation of the city, to arrest illegal immigrants to take a laissez faire attitude, and they will not be handed over to the immigration process. It is said that there are about 300 such jurisdictions in the United states. However, critics argue that the "asylum city" speak some exaggerated, because even illegal immigrants living in the so-called "sanctuary city", the federal government will still be sent back. New York mayor Bill? (Bill de Blasio) de Bracy Austria, Trump said the repatriation of immigrants is "dangerous threat". New York mayor Bill? (Bill de Blasio) Austria de Bracy said that immigrant family didn’t break up (source: independent) he said, "we will not sell 500 thousand life on our side of the people, they are a part of our community. We will not break this big family." He promised the people of New York that he would use all the power of the city to protect the rights of immigrants. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said, "I want to assure all the families in Chicago, Chicago is now, in the future will also be a" shelter "". "Chicago is popular with immigrants. Always welcome people with different backgrounds and beliefs to join us. The government will change, but the values and commitments of our faith will remain." Meanwhile, Seattle mayor Ed Murray said, "Seattle has always been a warm city. I want to open the door to our neighbors." Trump had promised during the campaign, eleven million years before the term of office will be repatriated illegal immigrants. Trump reiterated his commitment after he was elected president of the United States, but he has significantly reduced the need for.相关的主题文章: