Tsinghua University, a teacher was telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan users this cashmere mafia

Tsinghua University, a teacher was telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan net friend: this teacher is good money in August 30th, a police information spread throughout the network. The notice said: August 29th at 11 pm, Zhongguancun police station received a report: 110 lanqiying area of Haidian District was a teacher of Tsinghua University, posing as public security, telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan." Property service center, Tsinghua University." On the evening of 30, Beijing Zhongguancun police station to ifeng.com confirmed that there is such a case, but due to the personal information to disclose more details. LCD building property security: did not post this notice 30 pm, Tsinghua University, LCD building, the security of this property to deny Zhang Tongzhi three. Enter the building Front Gate LCD, without any notice posted security duty after Taiwan information bar. Property security, said they had never posted this notice, the matter is unknown, and the property of the liquid crystal building is a circular chapter, not the network as the notification on the oval. During the period, there are two Tsinghua University students came to inquire about the details of the, also received the same answer. Net friend: the teacher had a good money in this matter was confirmed by the police, the public opinion on the internet. Unlike Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu event, many users are concerned about the 17 million 600 thousand". Friends @ little flightless Roasted Duck said: "my concern and partial, the teacher is rich (ì _; í?? about seventeen million)." Netizen @ mature wheat also expressed the same view: "earn a lot of….. Talk about this. "Some users have different views, they believe that a famous university teacher has about ten million is not unusual, and questioned the speech with Panguan injection point. Friends @ week terrible said: "the teacher said the money is not on the University, Tsinghua teacher? Also earn ten million, do you think he is more or less the value of the work will only hype advertising star value? Do not focus on the liar, concerned about this, your thoughts more dirty, since that unique perspective?" There are still doubts about the incident, the Tsinghua University teachers should not be so easily fooled. Tsinghua University teachers cheated? Also 17 million 600 thousand? Impossible?" Micro-blog users @ rain extremely arrogant brother asked. Phoenix users @ kind of brother message questioned: Elite teacher, what IQ, near the school season, there have been a number of telecommunications fraud occurred. August 21st, Shandong, Linyi prospective college students Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud, cheated tuition fees 9900 yuan, cardiac arrest, rescue invalid death. Just two days later, Shandong University of Technology sophomore Song Zhenning also received a credit card overdraft phone, was arrested after cardiac arrest death. At present, the Xu Yuyu case all of the suspects have been appearing in court. At the end of August, ifeng.com visits Xu Yuyu suspects home in Fujian Anxi Chang Keng Township, found that local luxury luxury cars everywhere local young people go abroad too many to count, even to Philippines, with the Internet gambling business. "Long Keng Xiang girl married must first ask the man is not doing the market (Internet gambling), or not marry. A lot of women are outside the husband to do the market, they engage in telecommunications fraud at home. Those women are very expensive.相关的主题文章: