U.S. media speculated that in 2025 China’s aircraft carrier will reach 6 nuclear power for the 2 – S queer as folk

U.S. media speculation in 2025 will reach 6 China aircraft carrier ship 2 ship for nuclear power Sohu – Military channel map information: F -15 ship in Liaoning, ready to ski jump take-off. Reference News Network reported on July 28th: Taiwan media quoted U.S. media reported that the people’s Liberation Army plans to 2025 has 6 aircraft, which will include 2 nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and the first homemade traditional aircraft carrier 001A will be launched at the end of this year, while the second ship made aircraft carrier at the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard has also started construction, is China soon become super power carrier. According to Taiwan, "Wang reported" July 27th quoted U.S. "Huffington post" website reported that the people’s Liberation Army first aircraft carrier was purchased from Ukraine in September 2012, converted into formal service ship in Liaoning; and the first homemade aircraft carrier type 001A might be launched at the end of 2016, the 001A photos have been exposed, the ship the body has been basically completed, the mainland’s official also recently claimed that the 001A aircraft is in the final stage of construction, Chinese domestic carrier era. Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in December 31st last year, the Chinese navy is building second aircraft carriers in Dalian shipyard, which is the first homemade aircraft carrier. In mid June this year, there is news that the 001A aircraft carrier has begun to install the main components of the flight deck. The report also revealed that China’s second homemade aircraft carriers are also secretly built, located in Shanghai Jiangnan shipyard. China Navy plans to 2025 has 6 aircraft, including 2 nuclear powered aircraft carrier planning is not the boast. Although the military China compared with the United States there is no small distance, however, if the China domestic carrier to start the official service, this gap will be greatly reduced, this is the United States at Chinese recent shipbuilding move causes. Reported that, taking into account the 001A aircraft carrier is China’s first homemade aircraft carrier, its meaning will be very different. Before the United States China despise technology, the construction process is now all eyes staring at the ship. The United States "New York Times", the construction of the 001A type aircraft carrier will make the people’s Liberation Army Chinese distance to achieve their goals one step closer, allowing it to declare the territorial claims in the Chinese far away from Beijing, become able to show influential power. But the report will also 001A the United States Navy carrier with a displacement of about 100 thousand tons of "Nimitz" class nuclear powered aircraft carrier was compared, said the U. S. Navy developed a steam catapult take-off system is excellent, the 001A aircraft ski jump takeoff way, will limit the carrier aircraft weapon mount and fuel loading level.相关的主题文章: