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UFC Manila: Miller played two games new featherweight Ruiren Hirota veteran Cole – Miller will play UFC Manila game UFC China news will be in Beijing on October 15th in Philippines, Manila at the UFC Fight Night 97 (also called the UFC tournament in Manila) before the new Asian players in game two, American veteran Cole – Miller (Cole Miller) and Japanese players (Mizuto Hirota) Hirota Ruiren launched a featherweight contest. Cole Miller – the current record of 21 wins and 10 losses and 1 no results, including 3 KO, 15 times to win. He unfortunately failed to get a victory in the last 3 games, has been Max Holloway (Max Holloway) and Alex Casares (Alex Caceres) by unanimous decision to beat. With Jim (Jim Alers) – ARS contest, also because the opponent poked eyes cannot continue to the end. The current record is 17 wins and 7 losses of 2 flat, of which the 10 KO win. He participated in the last year, the Japanese version of "the ultimate fighter" selection with 3 victories in a row, and all the way into the finals, but ended with Ishihara Teruhito (Teruto Ishihara) with. In 2013, he played two games in UFC, but was defeated by his opponent. Another game is a South Korea’s Han Ruixi (Seo Hee Ham) VS – (Danielle Taylor) of the women’s grass against the magnitude of. Han Ruixi is currently the record of 16 wins and 7 losses, including 2 surrender victory. She was in the twentieth quarter of December 2014 "the ultimate fighter" in the final of the first show, the result was Joanne – Wood Calder (Joanne Calderwood) by unanimous decision to beat. She also played two games in the UFC, the first is to determine the defeated Courtney Casey (Cortney Casey), and then to determine the loss to Beck – Rawlins (Bec Rawlings). Danielle Taylor – current record with 7 wins and 1 losses, including 3 KO, 1 times to win. She had been in the independent league competition, and in August 7th this year, held in Salt Lake City UFC Fight Night 92 carried out its own octagonal cage debut. Although the battle was eventually Marina – (Maryna Moroz) to determine the consistency of defeat, but showed a very good blow. UFC Fight Night 97 (also called the UFC tournament in Manila) will be in Beijing on October 15th in Philippines held in Manila, the main event headlines of the tournament will be "prodigy" (BJ Penn) VS BJ- Paine Ricardo llamas (Ricardo Lamas) featherweight showdown, the main event is the combination of "black beast" – Drake Lewis (Derrick L相关的主题文章: