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UnCategorized Ultimate Fighting has taken the world by storm, and I believe that it is the future of mixed martial arts. With UFC fighting you get to watch many different styles of fighting .bat against each other from boxing to grapplers you get to see who is the best fighter in the world. I love to watch ultimate fighting because it gives me a chance to analyze which types of fighting styles are the best. As a teenager I was heavy into kickboxing, and latter started Thai Boxing training as well. But, if I could pick one style of fighting that I think is the most beneficial in Mixed Martial Arts .bat it would be jujitsu. Jujitsu fighters learn to pin down their opponents, and place them in holds such as an arm bar and make them submit the fight. I think with the set up of the UFC network this is the most influential style of fighting, and leads more people to victories than any other. If I were in ultimate fighting today I would spend 90 percent of my training learning Thai boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu. I personally think with this .bination of fighting styles it would make you an unstoppable force in the cage. The true greats in mixed martial arts learn to master several styles of fighting instead of depending upon just one. One of the things I believe draws people to UFC fights is the pure violence involved in a fight. When you watch a ultimate fighting match you are getting to see grown men fight with gloves that are barley thick enough to cover their knuckles, and they can throw knees, elbows, shin kicks, leg kicks, and place people in submission holds. This is pure adrenaline at its peek. It is interesting to me to watch Mixed Martial Arts turn into a multi billion dollar industry with the UFC network. Some UFC fights make more than forty million dollars for one night on pay per view. This is an astronomical figure, and there has been nothing like it since the Mike Tyson days. I do not believe that we have seen the peak of UFC fighting but rather we are just starting to see the beginning of this great sport take off. With Tap Out and other camps .ing out of the wood works it is causing rivalry and the public is eating it up. It has truly set itself as the Super Bowl of fighting. With more and more sponsors jumping on the UFC bandwagon I believe the best is yet to .e. One final note is that this sport has only been around for a few years, just think about when the younger teenagers and children start training and start to see fighter .e up with skills beyond our belief. I personal love to watch the adrenaline pack fighting that .e from a ultimate fighting battle, and I believe there are millions of others that feel the same way that will keep this great sport alive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: