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University Power cited students Tucao teacher: play mobile phone harm at night, your university lights out at night? Recently, 10 pieces of a building at the Wuhan University lakeside post "Wuhan University 2016-2017 winter timetable", a student of the school "angrily" expressed strong dissatisfaction at 11 in the evening lights. The reporter found out, Wuhan local almost all universities have implemented the lights off in autumn and winter, the individual universities such as Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Huazhong University of Science and Technology on Friday, Saturday. "". After the National Day holiday, Wuhan University students found that, in addition to the lakeside 9 homes, the dormitory first floor doorway posted "Wuhan University winter schedule" notice, dormitory will turn off the lights at 23:00, for a while, the campus bar, BBS students are talking about. At the same time and the light is cut off, and dormitory electricity, hot water, individual quarters and campus wireless network, let some students with anxiety. The school party office director Zhao said, "this is the school for everyone’s health, to" Refresh "night of the hazards of mobile phone." Zhao said that she wanted students to go to bed early and get up early and have time to exercise. "Health is very important," she stressed. Nearly seven of adults are a "night owl" reporter through a network of micro survey, 175 college students of Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, including Wuhan University, Hubei University of Education and other colleges and universities, the survey found that nearly 70% students will stay up at night, to sleep before lights out very few students. In addition to learning to stay up late, most college night owls spend time chasing drama, chatting, playing games. Wuhan International Trade University sophomore girls beam is a typical "Indoorswoman", a week basically will stay up to see the new drama three days. Late night cut off power network, there are many students support. Wuhan University sophomore Wu Shaowen (pseudonym) said, she does not like to stay up late, but there are two students in the dormitory often late night watching TV drama, she believes that the school forced lights out to protect the interests of most students. "Power off is the requirement of the school, there is no rigid requirement for breaking the network." Wuhan University Student Work Department staff said that the students can contact the school logistics department, to solve the problem of the dorm center off the net, also hope that students can consciously cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Focus on the big Chu net official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting, useful information, as well as good manners send every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

大学断电引学生吐槽 老师:夜里玩手机危害大你的大学晚上熄灯吗?近日,在武汉大学湖滨10舍一楼张贴的《武汉大学2016-2017冬季作息时间表》上,一名学生“愤然”表达了对学校晚上11点熄灯的强烈不满。记者打探发现,武汉本地几乎所有高校都实行秋冬季熄灯断电制,个别高校如中南财经政法大学、华中科技大学则对周五、周六“网开一面”。国庆假期结束后,武汉大学的学生们发现,除湖滨9舍外,各宿舍一楼门口处张贴出《武汉大学冬季作息时间表》通知,宿舍将于23:00熄灯,一时间,校园贴吧、论坛上学生们议论纷纷。与灯同时被掐断的,还有寝室的电力、热水,个别宿舍还有校园无线网,让部分学生焦虑不已。该校党政办公室的赵主任表示,“这是学校为大家的健康考虑,夜里对着手机‘刷屏’危害挺大。”赵主任说,她希望学生们可以早睡早起,有时间去锻炼下身体,“健康是十分重要的”,她强调。近七成人是“夜猫子”记者通过网络微调查的方式,对包括武汉大学、华中师范大学、武汉科技大学、湖北第二师范学院等高校在内的175名大学生进行调查发现,近七成大学生晚上会熬夜,能在熄灯前睡觉的学生很少。除了为学习熬夜的人,多数大学生夜猫子将时间花在了追剧、聊天、打游戏上。武汉商贸职业学院大二女生小梁是典型的“宅女”,一个星期基本会熬夜三天看新出的韩剧。深夜断网断电,有不少学生表示支持。武汉大学大二学生吴少雯(化名)说,她不喜欢熬夜,但寝室内有两名同学常常深夜看影视剧,她认为,学校强行熄灯能保障大多数同学的利益。“断电是学校的要求,没有硬性要求断网。”武汉大学学生工作部工作人员表示,学生可以联系学校后勤保障部、宿管中心解决断网的问题,也希望同学们能自觉养成健康的生活作息。关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: