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UnCategorized Are you a smoker who loves to smoke but can no longer stand the fact that you are inhaling over 4,000 chemicals and toxins, some that are actually known to cause your body to develop cancer? Do you love participating in the smoking experience and love the feeling but can no longer stomach the fact that you always have to do this away from your loved ones because of secondhand smoke? Are you worn out from having to deal with the mess from ashes and ashtrays or misplacing your lighter? You are not alone. Millions of smokers are fully aware that their smoking habit could ultimately lead to their demise but continue to puff on these potentially life-threatening sticks every single day. While some enjoy the act of smoking, others simply cannot quit because they are addicted. As is .monly accepted, cigarettes and other tobacco products contain nicotine, which is naturally found in the tobacco plant and is a highly addictive substance. It is a .bination of both the presence of nicotine and the act of smoking that many smokers cannot seem to give up. So what can you, a smoker who might just have had enough, do about your smoking habit? There is the option of quitting. Quitting now will mean a better, brighter future. It would mean that your body can start to repair itself of the damage that was inflicted upon it during the x amount of years that you smoked. Or you could always seek .fort and familiarity in a device that has many in the smokers .munity regarding it as "the next best thing". This product is the electronic cigarette, or e cigarette for short, and features the same .fort you would find from the real cigarette but without the negative side effects. The e cigarette requires no lighters or no ashtrays because it is operated by a rechargeable battery. Its body is usually made of stainless steel or another similar material, and the end of the stick even lights up when you draw on it to. One of the best things about the e cigarette is that you are not required to smoke the whole thing like you would a real cig because when you are done using it, you can tuck it away into your bag or pocket without having to "put it out". The beauty of the e cigarette is that it produces a smoke-like vapor when the user draws on it. The vapor is a result of the device’s internal heating element warming up the liquid inside of the refill cartridge. The liquid is usually .posed of just a few ingredients, propylene glycol or glycerin, water, and flavorings being some of them. This eliminates tar, cyanide, carbon monoxide, and all the other toxins that can be found in tobacco smoke. The e cigarette is not a cessation device. It is a smoking alternative, but many are hopeful that this useful gadget will be marketed as a cessation device. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: