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Wallace Huo heard "word brother" face since the exposure film was hit badly – Beijing Wallace Huo Beijing, November 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 31, suspense thriller film "hide and seek" premiere conference held in Beijing, director Liu Jiexie, starring Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin, Qian Wan noted the number of appearances. "Hide and seek" rescreens from South Korea the same horror film, tells the story of the hero and hidden in the mysterious stranger between their own lives the horror stories of game. Liu Jie, the film recently acquired a good reputation in the roadshow process, as the first work of the transformation of business creation, director Liu Jie expressed confidence. He described the "hide and seek" from the reality of life theme movie, not only no ghost, no Zhuangshennonggui, is in the life scene surrounded by making real strong sense of fear. "I invited actor reason is a challenge, Chinese movies need a good thriller, we try to give them a nervous good movie, that Chinese thriller can make what kind, what the market performance and reputation." Liu Jieru is saying. Hailu Qin is the start of the conference, Wallace Huo first appearance, chose "mysophobia" and "hide and seek game player" and other words to describe the characters, in the face of network hot word "bad word brother", he is always being, bewildered, just say that this is their employees has been playing the most powerful one, there is an important play even shooting seven days to play dead beat. In the "hide and seek" as the daughter of Wallace Huo young actor Lee also came to the conference site, there is love and love and interaction, broke the "Huo father" in the studio to play hide and seek. Wallace Huo is a photo of a hug from Lee, personally demonstrated the best baby hug posture. Qian Wan Hailu Qin played in "hide and seek" the heroine of Su Hong was described as "his brother funny neighbors", but in the movie she is a single mother with tragic color, her acting is another actress Wan Qian described as "old drama of bone". From before the material can be seen, the role played by Hailu Qin, in her career in highly explosive. Moderator constantly asked Hailu Qin broke the secret behind the character, but she insisted that the audience to the theater to experience the most exciting part. Qian Wan reading character said this "the abuse", even the director in the film after apologize to her. In the play she was a thoroughly swirled person, she devoted the first "reverse" performance, to overcome the heavy pressure, completely subvert their original performance. It is reported that the conference photo film, "hide and seek" will be officially released in November 4th (end).相关的主题文章: