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Real-Estate Donald Trump is probably the most recognized .mercial real estate investor in the world. His savvy investment strategies, awesome legal advisors such as George Ross, and personal skill shave allowed him to rise to the top of the .mercial real estate industry. There are other investors who are just as smart and creative, if not smarter and creative than Mr. Trump, but they lack something that Donald has perfected- almost right out the gate. It is not his ability to locate below market value deals. It is not his ability to find financing of astonishing dollar amounts. It is not even his ability to identify patterns and trends in the .mercial real estate market and make moves before other investors even know what was going on. Donald Trump has charisma, can build relationships between many parties, and is an expert at selling the big picture. These characteristics are extremely important to the successful .mercial real estate investor and will allow for ac.plishments that otherwise would not even be possible. He has ac.plished impossible deals and has made luxury lifestyle the premier way to live. His ability to add tremendous value to every property he has worked with had made him who he is today. Without charisma, his ability to build relationships, and sell the big picture, his wealth and reputation would not be what it is today. Charisma is the ability to ignite passion and motivation among all those who are in an ear’s reach of the person. Charisma allows everyone to breakthrough barriers that otherwise would remain standing. Those who are charismatic can make even opposing forces to agree on a .mon goal and move forward ambivalently. Donald can do just this- igniting passion and excitement that lines people up to follow in his direction. He be.es a true leader that others happily follow because they believe in him and his message. This characteristic will let you bring people on board that otherwise wouldn’t even think about working in your favor. It is a very helpful and powerful characteristic to possess. The next characteristic is being able to build relationships with everyone that you work with, is absolutely critical in the .mercial real estate industry. You want to rub elbows with the decision makers in your city; those who run the chamber of .merce and zoning and planning .mittees at every level of the city. Get past the gate keepers and speak to the core people asking for their advice and be.e close acquaintances on a first name basis. These relationships can be implemented before you even think about doing a deal where their influence may be necessary. Relationships will not only get you insider information, but will give way for special favors and a good word to others who may influence your ac.plishments. The final characteristic is selling everyone on the pig picture- everyone who is influenced by the value created in the deal. The .munity, the city, builders, developers, banks and even businesses around the location in which the project is growing all need to understand what is not there currently. As you know, these projects that were once old, dilapidated buildings that did absolutely nothing but bring the city down, can be turned into multi-million dollar establishments that can change the value of the entire city. You see, not everyone has vision. Not everyone can see what it is you have pictured in your mind. You must deliver it to them in beautifully drawn pictures and in a very charismatic way so that they understand what it is you want to ac.plish. Deliver the benefits and the experience of what it is you want to create. Do this and you will have people lining up to help add value to your vision. Master these qualities, and you will bring a room of onlookers to their feet in admiration and appreciation. Get the insider information and create relationships that will give you the upper hand in any deal you move forward with. Be the person everyone looks to for inspiration and motivation. You will see how much easier and more effective you will be in creating the deals that create massive wealth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: