We’re white! Yang Zishai since taking pictures against the black photos This is enough white! (video mentalist

We’re white! Yang Zishai since taking pictures against the "black" photos: This is enough white! Yang Zi’s face has been subject to the attention and controversy, Yang Zi recently participated in an event scene, dark makeup with dark brown hair, the whole collocation let Yang Zi look poor, the color yellow melon caused a variety of intense darkness without light, people laugh, there is more users with "too horrible to look at" to describe, but it was also noted that the problem is light. Yang Zi in the next micro-blog aired their two photos audibles black "photos, and wrote:" black? It’s enough to be white!". In the photo, Yang Zi photo exposure, white head she only saw two big eyes, the other one is Yang Zi’s funny expression package, wrote: This is my greatest sincerity. Well, you win! Carefully look at Yang Zi girl photos, found her skin is white, especially with Obama, together with the photo is not white (no comparison no harm)… In reality she should also not to go black? Baby Liyan Tong black white skin but remember secret popular actress cheats in the aftermath of the scorching summer sun itself left "melanin", how hard it is the focus of a white back! Autumn is an important season for the maintenance and repair of the skin, small owners can remember! Step1: clean the skin thoroughly clean facial skin is a subsequent absorb key whitening skin care products, we must first wash with warm water, and then use the cleanser pores, then gently massage the face, wash your face to circle from the outside to the inside with the fingers, began to focus on cleaning T and the nose from the face, after washing cold water rinse. Step2: good skin moisturizing autumn dry, moisturizing is absolutely cannot save steps, cleaning need to add moisture to the skin after use with whitening lotion skin whitening is one of the essential steps of nutrients inside the water will in tracellular, also a gentle exfoliation.相关的主题文章: