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Western media: Iran’s former queen heritage no collar was awarded his brother driver – Sohu News Reference News Network February 25 daily Dawsey media said Iran’s King Mohamed Reza?? Pahlavi’s ex-wife died in October 2001 in Paris apartment in suraya. The two married in 1951 and divorced 7 years later. They found a memoir in her body side, which tells the story of the king gave birth to offspring to how she was expelled to the palace, then how in the world to seek peace of mind. In the testament suraya said to jewelry, art and all other personal items auction, all proceeds from the auction, including heritage and for his only brother than James Esfandiari?. However, the one who lived in Cologne, Germany, died a week later. According to the Spanish "ABC News" reported on February 23rd, suraya personal items still in accordance with the will of the auction, all her legacy was finally saved in Germany, because bican left no will, after all the heritage recipients are by German judicial departments identified as fraud. The Cologne District Court ruling in February 23rd the heiress is bican driver and private secretary. The decision was based on a short text than Jim died before leaving. The court considered effective evidence for the execution of wills, and rejected suraya digital Iran relatives for requirements. Although bican left text may be delirious, but he left in the text at the end of the signature can be regarded as the expression of the true will of the evidence. Reported that the end of the complex before the trial, suraya property also counted again. Although forced to leave the political pressure heir and her divorce, but the king of Iran has deep love of her life and ensure suraya, enough to live comfortably. Auction list includes Rolls-Royce silver spirit luxury car and valuable gold and silver jewelry. After the German government issued a notice to find a successor, is proposed for heritage requirements of more than 50 people, most of them claim kinship with suraya family. There was even one person who said he was an illegitimate son of Zhan, but eventually he was masked by the DNA test. No heir had once thought the German government had used the heritage restoration bican had residential areas of public facilities, may now have to use the money will be returned to the legitimate heir. Reported that, although the heir to the end of the trial, but a mystery about the unsolved suraya. That is after the 1979 Islamic revolution, the king and the queen were sentenced to death, but the name of suraya but did not appear in the judgment. She was rumored to return a precious piece of jewelry to Iran in return for freedom, but later she denied it. Perhaps the contents of the case include the contents of the jewelry that did not appear on the auction list.

西媒:伊朗前王后遗产无人领 被判给其弟司机-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月25日报道 西媒称,伊朗国王穆罕默德?礼萨?巴列维的前妻苏拉娅2001年10月在巴黎的寓所中去世。两人于1951年结婚,7年后离婚。人们在她的遗体旁发现了一本回忆录,其中讲述了无法为国王诞下后代的她如何被逐出往王宫,随后又如何在世界各地寻求心灵的安宁。苏拉娅在遗嘱中表示要将珠宝、艺术品等所有个人物品拍卖,并将包括拍卖所得在内的所有遗产留给自己唯一的弟弟比詹?埃斯凡迪亚里。然而,一直居住在德国科隆的比詹却也在一周后意外去世。   据西班牙《阿贝赛报》2月23日报道,苏拉娅的个人物品依然按照遗嘱进行拍卖,她的所有遗产最后被保存在德国,因为比詹并未留下任何遗嘱,而此前出现的所有遗产申领者都被德国司法部门认定为诈骗者。科隆地方法院2月23日判决这笔遗产的继承人是比詹的司机兼私人秘书,判决依据是比詹去世前留下的一段简短文字。法院将其视为执行遗嘱的有效证据,并拒绝了苏拉娅数位伊朗亲属的申领要求。虽然比詹留下文字时可能神志不清,但是他在这段文字末尾留下的签名可被视为表达其真实意愿的证据。   报道称,复杂的审判结束前,苏拉娅的财产也再次得到清点。虽然迫于留下继承人的政治压力而与她离婚,但是伊朗国王一直深爱苏拉娅,并保证她后半生衣食无忧。拍卖清单包括劳斯莱斯银灵豪华轿车和价值不菲的金银珠宝等。   德国政府发出寻找继承人的通告之后,超过50人提出了申领遗产的要求,其中大多数都宣称与苏拉娅的家族有血缘关系。甚至有一个人说自己是比詹的私生子,但最终却被DNA测试揭去了假面具。此前一度认为没有继承人的德国政府曾经用这笔遗产修缮比詹生前所居住地区的公共设施,现在可能不得不将所用款项归还给合法继承人。   报道称,虽然有关继承人的审判结束了,但有关苏拉娅的一个谜团尚未解开。那就是1979年伊斯兰革命之后,国王和当时的王后都被判处死刑,但苏拉娅的名字却未出现在判决书上。有传言称她为了换取自由将一批珍贵的珠宝归还给伊朗,但后来却被她否认。或许此案卷宗中也包括涉及这批并未出现在拍卖清单上的珠宝的内容。相关的主题文章: