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What is contemporary Chinese Buddhism preaching monks self-cultivation 2016 China preaching Buddhism Seminar (source: Phoenix Buddhism) core tip: Preaching monks thing, preaching preaching is the time need to with all. The author of this article, the Buddhist Association of China director Wang Rutong think, preaching exchange to form "a good atmosphere of learning classics, sermon, promote the faith", to discover and cultivate learning to repair both young monks, has played a very active role, following its "contemporary Chinese Buddhism preaching the trend": a lecture excerpt the success of the core is the lecture. If his virtue, knowledge and profound, can Pu Hong group photo machine, dharma. Otherwise, not only can not promote Buddhism, but the people from Buddhism, the threat to the development of buddhism. Therefore, we must strengthen and improve his self-cultivation, so as to provide better services to guide the majority of believers, the world was born, diligent study the law, refers to the world, that is the common meaning; born law, pointed out that the essence of the world. Buddhism itself is born, is to teach people how to go out of the world, the birth and death, never overwhelming reincarnation of the dharma. Since it is the law of birth, Buddhism for the basic law of the world is to hold a negative attitude, because in accordance with the Buddhist world view, all the existence of the world is false, false, empty. The so-called virtual, refers to everything in the world is unreal unreal; so-called false, refers to all the world is false and not true, the so-called empty, refers to all the world is not empty. The world is so unbearable, as the survival of the people in the world, and how to get rid of the world, out of the world? This requires that people in accordance with the Buddha said that a variety of principles, such as the theory of meaning, according to the law. The barber, Buddhism is called "matisse". The Buddha is in accordance with the "true, vulgar" two truths to the world, saying, we must distinguish the two truths, to preach. Long Shuzao, Qin "on the" book "Kumarajiva translated Sramanas" products: Zhu foy two truths for all sentient beings, saying: a worldly truth, the true meaning of the first two. If people don’t know, respectively in the two truths in deep, I do not know the true meaning of Buddhism. Green eyes: "release" worldly truth, all empty, and the world is upside down in the world is really false. The Xiansheng truth upside down, therefore all dharmas are empty, the sage is the first meaning for real. The two and foy Matisse, for all that. If people can not truthfully respectively in the two truths, deeply know the true meaning of buddhism. After knowing the true, vulgar "two truths, people will doubt: Buddhism is ultimately called people to pursue the true meaning, it also needs the common meaning for what? But the truth is not be said to be on table, once described is the common meaning, it is said by words always preaching, can only say that the common meaning, but not reach the truth and purpose? Long Shuzao, Qin "on the" book "Kumarajiva translated Sramanas goods": if the law does not say that all life is the first meaning, to second common meaning, is also not. Why is it so? If not the common meaning, not the first meaning; not the first meaning is not nirvana. Green eyes "release": the first meaning for speech, speech is secular. So if not secular, not to say the first meaning. If not the first meaning, how to do so to Nirvana)相关的主题文章: