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UnCategorized One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon draws upward of five million visitors a year, a fact which is both a blessing and a curse to one of our most valuable national treasures. Every one of those five million humans impact a natural phenomenon that began at least 17 million years ago, transforming a quiet wilderness to an often noisy, crowded recreational area. Because of the depredations caused by the invasion of humanity, a group of river outfitters established the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund to try to mitigate the damages done by both visitors and profit-oriented vested interests. The non-profit organization addresses issues that affect Grand Canyon park management while simultaneously attempting to maintain its ecological and aesthetic integrity. Managed entirely by volunteer outfitters, the Fund is used to help non-.mercial conservation groups to offer the outdoor experience to those who are unable to access them because of economic or physical issues. About eighty percent of river trip passengers donate a dollar a day to the Fund when booking their Grand Canyon River Rafting trip through one of these licensed professionals. Because there are no administrative costs, every cent of these donations is used for protecting the Grand Canyon and allowing less privileged individuals to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime camping adventure. Grants are never awarded to profit-making .panies, government agencies or individuals, but rather to selected groups, as determined by officers of the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund. The GCCF also advocates against noise and carbon emission by limiting the use of helicopters and motorized rafts on the river and, in a series of legal actions brought against the National Park Services, was able to limit the number, location and seasonal use of offending vehicles. Partially due to these restrictions, only one river trip per year is allowed for any individual. This means that reservations cannot be made by anyone who has taken a river trip during the last calendar year. Although the proprietors of the white water rafting businesses that surround the Colorado River obviously make a living by booking trips, they are more invested in conservation and maintenance of the Canyon than in lining their pockets. The tireless efforts of the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund to keep this precious natural resource as pristine as possible is to be applauded by all who are fortunate enough to spend time in this most breathtaking of all our National Parks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: