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VOIP Today there is a multitude of different types of Web and Audio Conferencing services. When evaluating a new Collaboration service, what are some of the items that you should expect? Should it be mobile centric? Should it be able to seamlessly tie into your desktop, mobile, and tablet device? At ConferenceShopper weve had the privilege of watching the Conferencing world grow and evolve over the past years. In doing so, we believe conferencing should now be able to not only integrate with your mobile devices, but should natively provide a video, web, and audio service regardless of the device the product is being accessed on. Here are some of the trends and most important features weve seen added to web and audio collaboration services over the past few years: VoIP and Toll Free Access: While Reservationless Conferencing is not a new idea, nor is VoIP/SIP calling, but the ability for your conferencing provider to use both technologies is key to the success of your conferencing service. In utilizing a VoIP service, your costs remain low as you are not responsible to pay usage costs to reach the cloud where your conference is being held. Cloud Based Conferencing: Gone are the days of a large location based conferencing server. Now, web, audio, and video conferencing are hosted in the cloud, native to any Internet browser. Through a cloud based service, downloading a client to your desktop or adding a new plug-in are not required. You will simply join your meeting on the device of choice through a one-click invite. Bringing us to One-Click Conferencing: Passcodes are ever-increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Today users can join a conferencing bridge with a single click, activating a call from the conference service to the device of your choice. Mobility Applications: Collaboration should be mobile. In doing so, your smart phone or tablet should run all of the same applications your desktop can. Whether PGIs iMeet, or Microsoft WebEx, video, web and audio collaboration on the go is a must with your provider. There is a great deal of differing options for conferencing services. At ConferenceShopper weve recently found a great deal of growth with PGIs iMeet product. It has allowed our users to natively perform video sharing, web collaboration, presentations, and has a great mobile application. Find out today which conferencing service might be best for you today by Contacting Us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: