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Travel-and-Leisure Buenos Aires Bike Tours and Buenos Aires Cheap Flights It is important to get to know a city youre visiting on intimately, and one of the best ways to do that is to tour it at a slow and leisurely pace, like a bike tour. Touring a city aboard a bicycle offers a unique perspective and access to its innermost workings. Buenos Aires is best toured this way, so if youre looking to visit the Pearl of South America, look up the many bike tours offered when you fly in with your Buenos Aires cheap flights. Several groups offer bike tours, but mostly all have English-speaking guides who will take you around the citys most notable locations. You can choose from half-day and full-day tours that typically take you through the city and to the Tigre Delta. Some of the more notable stops are Puerto Madero, Ecologic Reserve, ‘Costanera Sur’, La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo Square, Retiro, Thays Park, Barrio Parque Neighborhood, and the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta. Apart from the bikes, standard biking gear including helmets, child seats, rainwear, and bottled water are also provided. The Colorful Streets of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is home to some of the most interesting thoroughfares around. Fly in with your Buenos Aires cheap flights and draw up an itinerary that includes these interesting thoroughfares. Starting with Avenida Alvear, passing through the upscale Recoleta area, this is the address for a number of five-star hotels, embassies, palaces, and examples of French academy architecture. Avenida Alvear runs from the Plazoleta Carlos Pellegrini to Alvear Plaza, a total of seven blocks. Caminito should also be part of your street itinerary. This street retains much of its European charm from early settlers, former residents of the Italian city of Genoa. Take a dose of tango and Porteo culture in Avenida Corrientes. Linking downtown to the upscale areas of the northwest, Avenida del Libertador also passes by some of the city’s best-known museums, gardens and cultural destinations. You should also make time for Avenida de Mayo (sophisticated buildings done in Art Nouveau, Neoclassic and eclectic styles line this street), Florida Street (a pedestrian street in the downtown area), and Avenida 9 de Julio (named in honor of Argentina’s Independence Day). The National Parks of Argentina and Buenos Aires Cheap Flights The National Parks of Argentina are some of the most spectacular in the world. Preserving landscapes, geological, and paleontological patrimonies, and autochthonous flora and fauna, these parks are keys to the countrys character and the earths own history. Fly in with your Buenos Aires cheap flights and seek out the breathtaking Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier. Argentinas national parks showcase the flora and fauna of the countrys many regions, snow-tipped mountains, the numerous geological formations and fossils, forests, and pristine lakes. Ischigualasto is home to rock formations dating 45-million year old with Triassic period fossils. Puelo lake National Park Chubut covers 23. 700 hectares of mountainous scenery and woods. The park spans 62 thousand hectares, but only a fraction is accessible to visitors. You will be assigned a guide to take you to the rock formations of El Gusano (the Worm), Painted Valley, Cancha de bochas (the Ball Court), and El Submarino (the Submarine). It covers 600. 000 hectares of lakes, woods and mountains. Here youll find the Perito Moreno Glacier and, the Upsala Glacier. Other notable parks are Calilegua National Park at Jujuy, Los Cardones National Park at Salta, El Rey National Park at Salta, Barit National Park at Salta, Iguazu National Park at Misiones, and El Palmar National Park at Entre Ros. Buenos Aires Cheap Flights for Honeymooners Have an off the beaten track honeymoon and take up something more exciting by heading south, to great honeymoon getaways with Buenos Aires cheap flights. Theres not much better when you consider that Buenos Aires, the pearl of South America, is one of the worlds most historic cities and a cultural hot spot. This is the land of tango, coffee, and football, but theres so much more to this city than these. Tour the architectural gems of the city: the Cabildo de Buenos Aires, the original seat of the Argentine government; the Monumento a Sarmiento, a statue of former Argentine President Domingo Sarmiento sculpted by Rodin; and the famous Plaza de Mayo, founded in 1580, .memorating the May Revolution that began the process of the countrys independence. Spains legacy to Argentina is undoubtedly its religion. This cannot be contested if one is to see the number of churches and religious sites scattered throughout the country. Some of the most notable churches are: the Baslica de Santo Domingo, an 18th-century Dominican church with a long and colorful history; the Iglesia Santa Catalina, founded in 1745 and Buenos Aires’ first convent; and the Iglesia de Nuestra Seora del Pilar, a colonial church done in baroque style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: