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Legal Stepping up to a court trial is a long and winding road to claiming the .pensation due because of damages you incurred. Taking actions against the police may have brought you there, but you have to tough it out because relishing success from it will grant you peace in the deepest sense of the word. Once you and the police officer who .mitted the offences against you do not agree on settlement offers, you are entitled to seek justice by appealing to the court and attending a series of proceedings or trials. There are documents that you have to keep tabs of in order to support your claim. Observe this checklist and be sure to have them prepared. 1) Letter of Claim – You have to gather evidence for your claim and in written form. Write down a brief summary of the facts and send a copy to the police. The letter itself will contain the nature of your case, and this makes it an essential document. You should get your facts straight and be determined to be consistent, as these facts will be called upon throughout the hearings. Any inaccuracy stated will hinder your case and prevent you from making a successful claim. The receiving party should acknowledge the receipt of the letter within twenty-one days from the day the letter was sent. The court will allow three months to investigate the case and the truthfulness of your claim. On the other hand, the police officer has the right to either admit or deny liability in the case. If he denies, he owes you and the court a copy of his personal reasons that will justify his denial of the liability. If he admits liability, chances are he is ready to settle your claim. In most cases however, police officers do not take prompt action (within the three-month investigation period). 2) Claim form and Particulars of Claim – The normal court procedure will require you to .plete this form. This ensues when the police officer fails to make amends for his short.ings in forms of settlements that are acceptable to you. Proceedings are normally issued to either the Country Court or the High Court. A medical report is also necessary if you have been inflicted with any kind of physical injury. Another form, the Schedule of Special Damages, will have to be .pleted if you have had financial loss because of the incident. Your responsibility as the wronged party is to be truthful, accurate, and detailed with filing your claims. Review your filled-out forms and be consistent with the nature of your bases. Other inclusions that you wish to make but are not instated in the Particulars of Claim will not be filed until the Court agrees for you to do so. A Statement of Truth on all the forms will require you to affix your signature to confirm that the stated facts are nothing but the truth. The defense preparations are a whole new story but for your part, if you think you possess all the documents stated above, you are good to go. These actions against the police will grant you rewards and claims if you are determined enough to extract only the truth in the case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: