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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews As identity theft continues to rise consumers are making home office paper shredders a standard part of their home office equipment. Analysts see the increase in sales of paper shredders continuing to grow into the years to .e. What features should you look for in a good home office paper shredder. Some basic considerations are the style of the cut, quality, security, safety, price and size. Let’s take a look at some at some of these features. Although in years past most shredders were equipped with strip cutting blades cross cutting is more secure. Cutting your documents into strips may work to a degree, but some identity thieves with a little time and motivation could reassemble those strips like a jig saw puzzle. The cross cut shredder creating smaller particles provides greater security. The crosscut shredders are great for personal information such as credit card data, bank statements, and employee records. The crosscut shredder needs to be oiled periodically to protect the cutting shafts but fewer bags will be needed as the waste will be in smaller sized shred. Many people are now shredding everything with names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or any personal information on it More and more home users are purchasing higher security paper shredders as these are made available at reasonable prices. In time identity theft will be.e a greater threat to the financial security of more and more households. Because it shreds documents into smaller pieces the cross cutting shredder provides better security. Paper shredders were originally designed for use in the office as a result safety features for use around children were lacking. Consumer safety experts concluded that many of these designs were hazardous as children’s small fingers could .e in contact with the blades. Over time and with further monitoring by consumer safety groups safety standards have improved. By locating blades further away from openings, and changing slot sizes many of these machines have be.e safe enough for home use. Safety locks prevent the shredder from being turned on by mistake. Home shredders are designed with size in mind so they can be placed next to a table or desk. Size and budget are a consideration when choosing a home office paper shredder. Shredder security levels are graded from 1 to 6 with the higher the number the more secure the shredder, and the smaller the shred size. Most home shredders are designed to shred up to 10 sheets of paper at once. This will ac.modate the modest shredding needs of two people. Forwards and reverse switches have been added to release paper jams also. The primary purpose of the shredder is reduce documents into small bits of paper that are impossible to reassemble. Today, shredder manufacturers are making high quality, reasonably priced paper shredders to ac.modate the home user. Buying a high quality shredder is easier now as ever. It seems like the days of just tossing out the trash are gone forever. Responsible people everywhere are taking the necessary steps to improve their personal security by using a good home office paper shredder to shred regularly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: