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Business When it .es to call centre outsourcing, UK based call centres are really the only way to go. Sure, you can probably save a significant amount of money by outsourcing to an overseas call centre. The unfortunate truth of a world with disparate economies but universal tele.munications, is that someone can do the same job for substantially less. In theory, they can also do the job just as well. However, the reality is a little different than the theory. In fact it’s extremely doubtful that your potential savings will make up for the lost business and ill-will that an offshored call centre will cause; the truth is that customers are overwhelmingly hostile to having their enquiry about a British business handled by someone in India or the Philippines. In 2007, hundreds of .panies that had outsourced their call centres overseas found themselves at the vicious end of a customer backlash. A YouGov survey revealed that only 4% of people would say that they had a single good experience with a call centre. "Outsource your call centre to India and you lose our business" was the overwhelming message. The major reason for .plaint among customers was that the people they were talking to simply had no idea what business they actually dealing with, beyond the simple script in front of them; any deviation from that script and they were .pletely lost, unable to help – and customers struggling for customer service or even to place orders grew extremely frustrated. One simple reason for this, is that often those working overseas just don’t understand what kind of business their dealing with. It’s not something that exists in their country – they don’t understand the customer’s problem because it’s something they’ve never encountered. Then there’s the language problem. Even if the foreign call centre is staffed by those with impeccable spoken English without a trace of accent, it’s extremely doubtful they’ll be able to understand a thick Scottish brogue or any kind of colloquialism. This backlash inspired a huge reversal by many .panies, particularly where outgoing calls were concerned – .panies soon realised that in an area where .munication is key, language problems were so significant that offshoring the calls department was practically suicidal. Speaking in an article on the issue by the BBC in 2007, Claudia Hathaway of the call centre industry magazine Call Centre Focus said that the move had been ill-thought out from the beginning. "Many .panies just didn’t think the move through" she said. "It was all driven by cost, not the customer. but what’s the point of saving money when a poor phone call is the first-hand experience of the quality of service – if it is a bad experience, people are not going to buy." "Initially, a lot of people did view the overseas call centres as taking British jobs and didn’t like it – but the fact they often do not get a good service is the issue now." Now, many .panies use their UK based call centres as a marketing tactic. The promise of good service with an operator who can actually understand your problem has been in used in campaigns by Natwest, Powergen and Esure. One of the oldest lessons of business has been that lower costs don’t always translate to better business, particularly in a .petitive market. If your business takes so many calls that it requires a dedicated staff of telephone operators, the chances are you can’t afford to cut corners. If it’s your customer service department, then the chances are that people ringing you up are already stressed by their problem with your product or service – any further difficulty is going to alienate them even further. If it’s your sales department, then any kind of negative impression can instantly poison even the best prospect. Simply put, the customer doesn’t owe you their business. They expect a good service for their money – and a good result from their time. If you’re based in the UK, you just can’t afford to have your telephones answered by someone half a world away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: