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Who says the rice can’t fashion? Let the rice feast tell you – Sohu travel this time, Ling Fang teacher Lenovo Jia Wo the Great Northern Wilderness agricultural Holdings Limited in planning the implementation of the Northeast # Ling Fang Mara party#, Ling Fang teacher from Taiwan is the home of a freshwater road jam in Beijing, Quzhou, Yunnan, Honghe do on results continue with is it? Shooting video, but also a small pattern, serendipitously resonate, Ling Fang teacher said she enjoyed this generation status. L l Yan Ling Fang said the teacher on the rice on the autumn breeze whispers about about I see I heard I can smell I feel I have a taste for l l Ling Fang teacher said: "this is after 2014# Ling Fang Mara met Yunnan Honghe #, my favorite # Ling Fang Mara party# in Mudanjiang, for a walk, if I want to play the hand coffee in the ridge on the left, on the right by North Korea and a small pot to boil the jam will be wonderful firewood for cooking. When the smell of food, incense, jam coffee after I use collective burst induced by Perilla leaf pack jam sushi rice, taste even accidentally jump, and when I finished the table to imagine the rice banquet table art, video recording tape director also completed the 2016# Ling Fang Mara met the fertile rice #, everything was envisaged in practice. "After rain the sky looks blue. a cloudless blue sky. Bohai Xiangshui town base Mudanjiang Ning’an ridge, # Ling Fang Mara party# in a song and dance in the perfect curtain call. The weather, just a cloud from the far field direction floated, a battle was again. Dancers to speed up the pace, paste the director to seize the film, more and more tight time. Did not expect is that the dark clouds gradually dispersed, the sky is more and more bright, the closer to the evening, the sky is more clear, but more beautiful light. Probably we prepare the # Ling Fang Mara party# is a blessing. How to show the whole rice feast, Ling Fang teacher hard. The scene as you can see, Ling Fang teacher and Korean sister in red together, with North Korea, the fertile rice pot of rice, the village of Jiangxi River cooking firewood meal; coffee coffee for Li Xing we hand in the field; local artist Wang Shaomin walked into his straw weaving ridge with the head of Li Rong; with his beautiful song and dance ensemble of Ali in the rice field. In fact, this is teacher party Ling Fang conceived in part because of the time and site environment, many ideas can’t spot practice. From the spot to play, the limited conditions for Ling Fang teacher, as far as possible appear in the mind meters banquet scene. A roast stimulate Ling Fang to rethink the traditional teacher and the northeast northeast of rice food, she wants to practice in the # Ling Fang fam party#, the concept of northeast rice and northeast food turned to "Fashion Party Finger possibility food + + a rice and vegetable roll from perilla leaf" master Liu Jinguo took us to eat barbecue, teach us to "+ +" Steamed Rice perilla leaf with the fresh meat, eat to play old Fang Ling相关的主题文章: