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Why are the most powerful technology companies doing this? 2016 – Sohu of science and technology, the global technology industry is in a lean awkward period. Intelligent mobile phone slowdown, smart watch shipments plummeted, VR AR is still in the exploratory stage, the unmanned vehicle technology project first at the tail — the most potential is in fact, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and intelligent voice assistant is the best carrier. Today, you and Geek Jun analysis, both at home and abroad what is the voice of the voice assistant worthy of attention? Why technology giants have voice assistant? In 2011 iPhone 4S released, intelligent voice assistant Siri as an important Upgrade Demonstration focus in the conference, but after years of evolution, Siri has been achieved, or even to send WeChat taxi reservation function. The use of Siri taxi why Apple five years ago at a voice assistant? The answer is simple: because speech is the basis for the next generation of interactive revolution! From the PC era to the multi touch keyboard and mouse, the mobile Internet era, and then to today’s speech, the way people interact with machines become more and more simple and more intuitive, the development of human-computer interaction, is a process of liberation of human hands, no more than the "talking" simple mode of operation. "Jobs to lead humanity into the era of touch but, in public, at the mobile phone, computer outgoing voice assistant, the outsider is a" stupid "thing, in this regard, Amazon’s approach to much better. The same is the voice assistant, Amazon’s Echo and Siri have a little difference in nature: can only use the voice of a very simple improvement, all of a sudden to eliminate the use of voice assistant embarrassment. First, Echo can only be used at home, in their own home to voice assistant part like to issue orders left and right, the family talk, a little embarrassed. Moreover, in addition to voice, you have no other recruit. In order to improve the accuracy of speech recognition greatly, Amazon has made a lot of work in the earlier stages of development: application of ^ a lot of support is an Amazon Echo moat this seemingly simple sound judgment and analysis behind Bezos of intelligent voice assistant accurate, apple and Google are up early, but due to the lack of precise determine the user usage scenarios, sorry to catch a late set. "Now Echo has a new product from Echo to China said Amazon Echo and what not satisfactory, that is: does not support Chinese! Although the "intelligent voice assistant" is a very promising field, but can make product color, there is scanty. Rokid from Hangzhou, perhaps the best intelligent robot in china. The Rokid intelligent robot Rokid by the teardrop shaped body and a high quality speaker and two parts.相关的主题文章: