Winter came on to eat this dish, not afraid of cold, the body is good! – Sohu to eat and drink candle june

Winter came on to eat this dish, not afraid of cold, the body is good! Eat green peppers 1 – Sohu efficacy of antipyretic and analgesic, prevent cancer, increase appetite, help digestion, lipid-lowering diet, prevention of scurvy, cold dampness cold prevention: as everyone knows, 2 pepper is vitamin C content is very high in vegetables, vitamin C can enhance immunity, prevent colds and other diseases; can promote collagen formation make the skin smooth and elastic, whitening. Green Pepper Fried Egg – – material ingredients: 5 green peppers; 2 egg accessories: 2 tbsp oil; 3 grams of salt; thirteen sweet 4 grams; 2 grams of chicken for 1 preparing ingredients, this pepper is not too spicy, if you love to eat more spicy pepper, pepper can be selected. 2 green peppers seeded remove stalks cut into silk, egg shell Jiaocheng egg liquid. 3 to add a little salt and stir the egg, the egg is more tasty. 4 hot wok pour oil, oil heat, add green pepper silk. 5 stir fry a few add a small amount of salt, pepper flavor. 6 green peppers and stir fry until soft, the egg liquid sprinkle into the green pepper above, only the egg liquid into the green pepper, to taste more. 7 do not stir fry, add seasonings into the egg at one thirteen, more tasty, add more aroma, not love this seasoning can not add oh! 8 for liquid egg shaped solidification, with the spatula upside down. 9 stir fry a few can add a small amount of chicken. – green peppers sauteed potato cutlets – material ingredients: potatoes 1; green peppers 2; red pepper 2 accessories: garlic 3 petals; 1 tablespoons of white vinegar; Bu appropriate practice 1 slice potatoes washed two times, ready for other materials; 2 hot pot, pour some oil, add garlic and red pepper stir fry 3; saute potatoes stir after adding 4; stir after adding white vinegar and continue to stir fry until 5; to slightly transparent after add green pepper stir fry; stir fry green pepper 6 to discoloration after adding seasoning salt, stir evenly, 7 plate – – material ingredients: green pepper pork green pepper 200 grams; broth 200 grams of oil amount; accessories: hot bean sauce 1 tablespoon; 1 grams of salt; 0.5 tsp sugar 1 tsp; soy sauce; oyster sauce 0.5 teaspoon red pepper 15 grams; Garlic; 15 grams of 1 broth cooked in advance, cut into small pieces 2 green peppers cut hob block, garlic cut grain 3 pot, stir fried garlic 4 green peppers and stir fry until cooked, put a little salt to have a taste, then set aside 5 fried green peppers remaining oil can be used to stir spicy bean sauce stewed broth skillet 6 flap stir fry 7 before fried green peppers frying stir, then try the taste, and add soy sauce, according to their favorite flavor sugar, spices such as oyster sauce 8 fire stir fry, you can pan – Fried Green Peppers – meat material ingredients: 300 grams of pork tenderloin green pepper; 2 materials: 2 garlic; starch相关的主题文章: