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UnCategorized Well now you can! This is the Internet people! You can do anything you want – within legal reason obviously. One of the best things or places for posting free ads is on a free classifieds site! These sites are incredibly useful. It doesn’t matter if you are the poster or the postee. If you are the seller or the buyer. It doesn’t matter what object, item, product, service or entity you want – you CAN find it on these sites! On almost ALL of these classified sites you will be able to post free ads which is incredibly cost-efficient especially if you want to post a lot of ads but you don’t want to pay for a site such as Craigslist. By the way these sites are also better than a site like Craigslist because your ads will almost NEVER get "ghosted" unless of course you break the rules with something like spamming the site. I always hated that about CL you work hard trying to figure out what to say in an ad, you post it and you wait. And you wait some more. Then, you realize your sweet little ad got ghosted or worse yet it got "reported" by one of your .petitors. Don’t ya hate that! I know I do. Which is why I don’t waste time or money on sites like Craigslist anymore. Enough is enough already! Post an ad for free and have it stick. Or better yet post an ad, pay a few dollars to get it featured (extra attention) and get more of what you want – views, customers, people, etc. Really the featured ads option for the online classifieds is very minimal for what you get. In fact, we won’t let the classified ad owners know this, but I think they undercharge for what you get! A featured ad means that your ad will be posted first and foremost in front of everyone else’s. This is usually done by your ad being at the top of every category on the site – or relevant categories. Take a look at the FAQ and see which one it is. Either way – this really is a cool way to get some extra attention with your ads. Another reason I like these sites? Very customizable. Can any of those other "post" sites let you customize your ad .pletely? I think not! It’s very easy to do, it takes a few minutes of your time (even less if you have a copy/paste ad) and it’s free – unless you do the featured! If you want a superbly useful site for buying and selling – online classifieds is the way to go! Good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: