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With this black technology, lying in bed can also be a sports Sohu fully and delightfully a difference in technology whenever and wherever possible you have the impression that the smart bracelet has what effect? Heart rate? Number of steps? Measure all kinds of sports data? In fact, before the two have always thought so.. Until recently exposed to a "space control" Black & Bracelet, suddenly feel broken pattern tucson.. The following is a smart Bracelet – guinea pig somatosensory Bracelet 2.. Take a look at how this bracelet can play!!! When we play a game of shooting, we wear a ring to make a shot, the ball was thrown out.. We can ride horses, and our body movements can change the speed and direction of the horse.. Racing can also, which side of the body to the side of the car to turn to.. This is a magical guinea pig somatosensory bracelet, wearing a bracelet, we can use the body to control the game.. Not long ago, just to get a hand when the two did not know this what magical bracelet, after all look like the bracelet really not what difference.. (left: a bracelet, on the right: guinea pig bracelet) but the unique design of the silicone rubber ring, the whole hand is particularly good, but also in the hands of the basic feel less weight.. Do not look carefully, the bracelet body couldn’t find a switch or socket.. Well, because people can be directly inside out, this time you will find a small LED lights, a switch and USB charging interface.. Although it looks very small, but the life of the guinea pig bracelet is commendable, the daily wear can be used for two weeks, and the electricity from 10% to 90% is only about 10 minutes! Specifically how to use it, guinea pig wristbands have two main App: guinea pig game and guinea pig life. (apple and Android are applicable) is the second most love game in guinea pigs. The guinea pig game App is equivalent to an app store! It gives us a lot of games. We have to download the game we want to play.. After opening the game, open the phone’s Bluetooth connected to the guinea pig bracelet, then you can feel a variety of somatosensory games shock.. (connection mark) Guinea aviation special nine axis sensor built-in bracelet, with gesture recognition algorithm, can accurate motion parameter sensing users in three-dimensional space, to capture the movement of the body, and feedback in the corresponding game. The second is the demo of the several simple game.. For example, the badminton pops.. Standing on the bed will experience a fully and delightfully match.. (less than half an hour, the second is a little acid sweat) this soaring racing game.. And this pub darts.. Of course, this is a very simple sense of body.相关的主题文章: