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Wu Yifan, who is the best selling models Luhan? You buy it love beans endorsement lead: auto industry spread such a famous saying, "star endorsement choose good, bad car sales". The car manufacturers for the selection of stars is painstakingly, star must have high popularity, but also a positive image, most have to fit with their own brand connotation. (source: YOKA men’s network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! In cooperation with the stars of manufacturers, vendors sometimes in order to show their sincerity, launch one or several named star names of special edition models separately at the signing of star endorsement models, it is often said that the star customized version. Star customized version of the model can not only enhance the visibility of the spokesperson, but also to a certain extent, improve product sales. The following Xiaobian for everyone to take stock of what manufacturers have launched a special version of the star models. Smart forfour Wu Yifan special edition fashion car brand Smart and the trend of Master Wu Yifan’s cooperation is out, whether it is the image of temperament, or both influence in various fields have a high degree of fit. Wu Yifan Smart is the endorsement of forfour models, the European car in the history of the first four models, the netizen joked, "I have been ready now, four missing three, won’t you come?" Before the Smart fortwo version of the signature Kobe become Smart’s spokesperson in the small ye, Wu Yifan’s absolute idol Kobe Bryant also Smart endorsement of the game the immortal legend greatly promoted their endorsement of the well-known brand, Smart to show his sincerity, has also launched a special edition of the memorial Kobe signature model. MITSUBISHI EVO Jackie Chan special edition brother Jackie Chan movie definitely belong to the life of the people, others in the film are to each other’s life, and Jackie Chan is going to his own life. See a familiar brand, can often be in many big brother Jackie Chan in the film MITSUBISHI automobile, especially MITSUBISHI Pajero, has a high rate of appearance, this is because Jackie Chan has a 30 year contract with MITSUBISHI cooperation. In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by Jackie Chan MITSUBISHI brand promotion, MITSUBISHI released a special edition of the MITSUBISHI EVO. The Volkswagen Beetle Luhan X crossover version when you eat the cone "deer manager advertising repeatedly in the ear language when playing, we almost forget actually Luhan not only speak such a KFC brand in the automotive field, Luhan also speak the love everyone, see flowers bloom of the Volkswagen beetle. The beautiful image and Luhan youth complement each other. The Volkswagen Beetle has also launched a special Luhan X crossover version of the model, the adorable girl who love Luhan, rather than action. The Land Rover Range Rover Aurora Vitoria limited edition former Spice Girl, the Mack daddy Beckham’s wife is Vitoria fashion super Master, in addition to a depth of cooperation with many fashion brands, as well as her own fashion label, DVB, 2011, as the brand.相关的主题文章: