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To enhance the value of Yan and configuration of the new Pentium X80 installfest Sohu automobile Sohu [] the car guide as Pentium FAW first and so far the only models SUV, Pentium X80 has over time of the two paragraph, but compared to the previous paragraph, may be called for the minor. The new Pentium X80 both in appearance and interior aspects have a significant change, this change will also allow the Pentium X80 off before the simple and honest, but became more like a young boy. Summary: Although on paper, the new Pentium X80 can only be regarded as a mid facelift models, but I hope that it will be the cognition for a new car, after all, except the powertrain, in other aspects have some qualitative changes, especially before the design was faded and honest, more are also easier to get young people’s favorite, also increased the number of configuration is relatively high exposure rate in the car. The powertrain although did not change, but after years later, this set of powertrain is relatively mature, although that may be accelerated will be weaker, but better in compliance often more attention. The new Pentium X80 will be officially listed in September 23rd, I believe this after the face of the Pentium X80 future can be expected.相关的主题文章: