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Yankees: Jiepan cattle bile Red Bull Leipzig United – guest can cow lottery 16165 Yankees period the victory and defeat color quiz Premier League 10 round, 9 round of the Bundesliga and Serie A 11 round of the tournament, three big League giants gathered many powers, Serie A this Monday two-week tournament, the Premier League and also the week in the cup, and next week in Europe Europa cup and the fourth round will be the team qualify for the group phase, watershed of the war, is bound to affect the team’s mind, intensive schedule must ponder team spot war. Please download the world more instant lottery APP reading. This period victory in Europe refers to as many as seven games support the disc half above the market, a lot of popular sessions, also need to carefully consider choosing bravery. 01 Manchester VS   3 [7] week Burnley; united in the British cup 1-0 eliminated defending champion Manchester City next week, EU Drogba at Fenerbahce, intensive schedule of four major problems. The nine round of the League 4 wins 2 flat 3 negative record, nearly five round 1 wins 2 flat 2 negative dismal record; newly promoted Burnley [14]3 wins 1 flat 5 negative ranked second district, lost all three games away from home. The track played nearly four times the 2 United home court wins away 1 flat 1 negative, the overall dominance. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.19  6.40:   equivalent to 15.99 disk main let three ball can be open, but on the net a few balls. Radio 3 lottery. 02 Middlesbrough VS Bournemouth   13 newly promoted Middlesbrough [17]1 wins 4 draws and 4 losses ranked fourth, nearly seven wheel 3 flat 4 negative greatly, especially home court 1 flat 3 defeats so far; Bournemouth [10]3 wins 3 flat 3 negative middle ranking, away 2 flat 2 negative also very poor at. Track championship against Middlesbrough 3 flat 1 negative be at a disadvantage. Europe refers to the 99 average 2.46  3.10:   3.04 or 1.10 disk main let flat half high water disc potential adverse. William, Hill. 2.50 =   3.10  = 3.20;   = 2.50 and 3.10 = Libo;   = 3.20; guest wins compensate to high. Check lottery 13. 03 Tottenham Hotspur VS Leicester   30 teams in the Champions League next week is a distraction. Tottenham [5] week in the British cup 1-2 negative Liverpool Champions Cup battle ", next week. The League 5 wins 4 flat unbeaten, 3 wins, 1 unbeaten home court; Leicester [12] Champions League Cup next week at Copenhagen, the defending champion league 3 wins 2 flat 4 negative record, away four all lost, apparently with multi line combat related. Trailing Tottenham 8 wins 5 flat 11 negative, including home court 4 wins 3 flat 5 negative slightly underdogs. Europe refers to the 99 average of 1.62 =   3.92  5.48 or 0.93 disk main let half high water disc potential adverse. William, Hill. 1.67  3.80    = 1.65 and 5.50 = Libo;   = 4; 5.50 level compensation should take discrete.相关的主题文章: